Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

Ok I couldn't help myself! Hope if you are reading this that you have time to just relax and do the things you love to do. Spend time with those you love. I hope this finds you cozy and warm!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter has set in

Not much new around here. Went to open the shop on Saturday and the weather was just horrible ending in a cold yucky rain and no one was out! So I closed up shop and headed home early . Yesterday we ventured out to do a little Christmas shopping and we did have fun! When we got home we were unloading the truck, when I noticed it was sliding backwards on the ice. It wasn't running and was in park!!! I was on the passenger side but was able to climb into the truck and push on the break with my left foot, and grab the wheel. Resulting in a pulled muscle but saving our 3 cars parked behind the truck! What a night. Feeling much better today. Hoping to gather up boxes from the basement and do some Christmas decorating before it's over! Thinking of our little place in Maine with 8 to 10 inches of fresh snow!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Well there is nothing like a little snow to put you in the Christmas spirit ! Hope to start a little decorating today! We got about 5 inches in the last days. Now it seems we will get the big chill! The horses were standing in the morning sun and you could see the steam coming up from there warm bodies. They have free access to the barn and come and go as they please. They are always up before me! Here are a few pics of the morning while out feeding the birds! Yes the whole clan goes with me!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A quick light snack

After turkey Manhattan, we needed a little lighter something. This is all you need, a banana, instant vanilla pudding, made with cold milk follow directions. After it sits for the 5 min in fridge gather your vanilla wafers flip them so the flat side Is up on a plate, slice bananas thinly with a teaspoon put a dallop of vanilla pudding on top of each vanilla wafer then top with a slice of banana and if you have your ready whip available top with the whipped cream. Serve right away one bite wonders!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vintiques the little shop on main!

Wow the little shop is doing so well! I love spending time there. And selling! Because the building is a hundred year old rescue building that we are slowly rehabbing there is the issue of the lack of a central heating system . So because of this I will not be open in Jan/Feb/March ! 
And I've sold nearly all of the large pieces, this will give me time to create and collect! Not that I don't have tons of pieces just haven't had time to paint at all. But we have been creating! My love is creating with organic material here on the farm, I've made snowman ornaments from old snow fence. And shelves from old fencing, items from horse shoes, and recently candle holders from old cedar fence post. Along with Christmas stockings from old grain sacks. Wreaths from grape vines, corn leaves, sun flowers ,  dried corn ect.... It seems this old farm has an abundance of material if only I look around . Well yes it does help that I don't throw anything away! And neither did the folks that lived her before me for the last 70 or so years! Slowly I am recycling most of our abundance and I am so grateful others seem to appriciate  the creativity ! So I leave you with some of the latest creations in the shop! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Queen of the hill!

This is a picture of the queen this morning! Yep that's her, standing atop a dirt pile put there long ago when we excavated for our pool. It was just too much fun to climb on way back then to do anything about it..then came the atvs the kids used to try to climb it. Fun to jump off of into the snow ect..... Well here it is years later about 15 years.... Still there waiting for someone to climb it. I keep thinking now that we only have the 2 horses left I should sink a pond back there? Who knows? Yes those are two lawn chairs blown over by recent high winds. We left them there from when my daughter was staying here over the summer. With her 3 dogs plus our 2 yep we had to have a place to sit and watch the hilarity! Enjoy this Veterans Day!

Friday, November 8, 2013


There is a reason they say " they were acting like a horses a** !" Cause this morning while trying to get the horses ready for the farrier that's exactly what the dark horse Nestle was being! How do they get so smart? How do they know when you don't have your game on so to speak? After trying 3 times to lead her out of the barn and after 3 times of her saying " what part of not going, do you not understand mom?" I was mad and exaughsted! About this time Owen the farrier Aka the horse whisperer got here. I said ok Owen they are in the barn go ahead get one.  In exactly .3 seconds he comes out with her! NestlĂ© looks at me standing there like" oh is that what you wanted me to do? I had no idea mom!"

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun decorating with vintage finds!

Over the years many people have visited the farmhouse, farm camp, Halloween, and Christmas parties, school field trips ect. Often people will comment on my unique style of decor. I love to use vintage when ever possible. It is an old farmhouse. But I feel vintage and antique pieces always fit no matter what the style. So today I've added a few pictures of a few pieces I use everyday. This is an antique pulley from my barn no longer in use. I love the shape, age and pantina on it .I needed a small lamp to have on while viewing tv in this area so I just added a vintage desk lamp!  On the other side of this window I added a child's vintage red wagon, an antique crock with plant fit right in with plenty of room to corral books or magazines. Hope you are enjoying the fall sunshine. All the combining of corn and beans within feet of my home I believe have given me the sniffles! Oh the joys of country living!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall's beauty and energy

I am starting to feel better. 
Having buried our last llama seems so strange taking pictures outside at the farm. With no lurking llamas. 
The fog has been so pretty here. 
The air warm like the first part of spring.
It's the end of October.
The children at school are so excited.
Our Halloween party is in the morning, I feel lucky I get to have the opportunity to dress up. The children love it. I love it. Always a witch!
So here are some fresh fall farm photos! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Life these days....

So much happening here.
We went to Maine to see our little cottage.
On our first night away phone call came my dad's father had past. 
My mom said not to come home.
Then the second phone call same night, my daughter called we had a llama down the one born and raised on our farm. My daughter handled it like a champ. Burial and all.
We went on to Maine the tiny cottage, and surrounding land, neighbors, town were all way more then we expected.
It was like a dream come true the weather was perfect. 
The day before we were to head back, we were driving after dark back to our little cottage, Will got a phone call.....
His beautiful wonderful big sister ....
Was gone. As in passed away just gone just like that. No sickness, no warning, no goodbyes just gone. 
We are home.
The funeral over.
We are back to our everyday lives.
I have a yucky cold.
I'm doing laundry and house work.
We are in shock still.
I don't want to believe it.
Her grand kids called her yaya....
She was the best yaya I ever knew...
She had just turned 61.
Everyone is hurting.
Her best friend said " I thought we would grow old together".
Made me think of my best friend.
She loved Halloween, always has a big dressup party. 
The kids are still planning it to continue the tradition. 
We are bringing sky lanterns for each grand child to release.
I still don't believe it even after all the tears, funeral, 
Still shock....
I'm not taking anyone or anything for granted. I was starting to second guess the purchase in Maine , 
Nope I am so glad we did it so greatful we could! Brenda would have loved it . Trying to remember everyday we are promised nothing... Not even tomorrow.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kindred spirits

Several months ago while I was at the shop. In the early spring I believe it was ,  a very nice gentleman stoped in and we struck up the nicest conversation. 
Seems we had more then a bit in common especially our fondness for the east coast. (Maine) and I had shared with him my secret at the time. Our plans to perhaps purchase the little cottage. 
He enlightend me on the Maine author Louise Dickinson Rich who wrote We Took To The Woods. Instantly I needed to read it lucky for me during a conversation with my best friend Kim about the conversation with my new friend . She told me that she had a copy. I read it! I loved it and ordered another one of her works. Several times this summer my new friend has been in to visit. And last Saturday he came in bearing a small gift.
I opened it. I could barley contain my excitement. There in my hands was my own copy of the Peninsula by the same author. She had written about the very area where our tiny little cottage is! I am enjoying taking my time and am reading it now. What an education I feel I have recieved .And how is it you thank a friend for such a fine gift, and kindered spirit.

Also last weekend while at the shop waiting for Kim to come in and have a visit with me. A woman drove up in the cutest little Mini Cooper. I could tell she was wearing braids ! Ah Kim had gotten a sporty new car and didn't tell me! 

Nope wasn't her! It was me! Well have you ever met yourself? She was taller no doubt. However our lives turned out to be very similar. She also lives in an old farm house. Loves all things that I do, and they just put geothermal in their home too. 
I can not tell you the joy a few of my new "friends " have brought to me! I love having the tiny little shop. And getting to meet new people. An unexpected gift for sure!

Monday, September 16, 2013

A little fall decor!

Ok, these fun wreaths will be at vintiques this weekend and next!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Noticing the late summer light!

This morning things finally cooling down in our little slice of Indiana as much as the rest of the country this morning. All the flooding, and fires ugh. Too sad. I guess sometimes it's good to live in a fly over state. Taking the dogs out this morning I noticed the coolness, the wet grass and the light. So I snapped a few pics of said light. I hope you notice it where ever you are too!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Almost fall

I am not sure when it happens but I sure wish I would pay more attention to when it does to see if it falls on a certain date, the same every year? Their gone, the barn swallows that is... I watch them return in the spring, build their nest raise their young, take sips of water from the pool, they keep me company when I mow the back field with the tractor, and eat up all those yummy bugs! Then I get busy going back to work, ect ect. Then one day I just notice they are not here anymore. And I miss them. I should google them to find out where they migrate to. I always wonder where they go next, is there someone there waiting for there return? 

And it's the season of the monarch and I really have seen just a few. Where are they? I've only seen one caterpillar this year on the many milkweed plants I let grow around the property. 

Sitting on the porch this cool morning in the sunshine, reading and enjoying the company of the doggies. I hear the lovely sound of a humming bird. I was just going to take a pic of the pups when the hummer comes into view of the camera, that's her checking out the bright colors of the afghan a gift from a preschooler several years back. 

So many things did not get done this summer at the farm. I didn't paint the front porch floor or front doors, I still could. Or the picket fence.... I am still waiting for the contractor to build the farm fence and fix the Pickett  fence. I guess my heart is in Maine at the little cottage.... I can hardly wait to go there and get to see it myself. We found out a close neighbor there has a bed and breakfast we an on staying with them our first night by the cottage till we see what we have to work with.  

And the shop, oh the shop. We have not been open for quit some time as I mentioned earlier the street and sidewalk have been closed. But I am going over today to clean up and rearrange,and open in the morning! The street is sti closed but I am opening anyway! I saw many folks going into the shop across the street this past week end. I called the mayor, he said oh yeah, we just haven't taken down the sidewalk closed sign ! 
Ugh so I am gonna be busy there today! And if that sign is still up today I am going to put a for sale sign on it today! Enjoy your week end people it's going to be a nice one around here!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer update!

Wow so many things happening this summer! First it's gone way to fast! My daughter has moved home and is enjoying her new job at a wonderful animal hospital! Yes and she moved home with 3 dogs! So we were in a hurry to Finnish our guest cottage, for her then wills daughter moved from our little rental house the one with the large yard! So now we are onto rehabbing it! I furnished little Eli's new room with red white and blue. ( painting furniture project). The shop has been closed due to huge street and sidewalk project resulting in the street being totally closed! Will took a new position with a new company that he loves, I started back to preschool with the cutest kids you have ever seen in your life. And what this post is really about .. .... Realizing your dreams! Many many years ago Kelsey and I went on a little trip to Maine to visit a preschool friend who had moved away. I fell in love with Maine . And many times I have been back. Always looking at homes there dreaming. I even purchased a little post card with tiny cottage a place to just call my own by the sea when dreaming. It called to me so much. Well you guest it! By the photos, we found a tiny little cottage with an acre of land, 2 miles from the sea, and bordered by a tidal river. In Maine ! In our price range yes complete DIY dream! Yep that's what the Internet has done for us! Sight unseen except by photos! It's real we now own a tiny slice oh down east Maine ! We will be going in October to open this gift and see what we have. So you never know when dreaming it might just come true!

So that's the update, so far and it seems now everyday when I drive home from work after school I've been seeing deer lots of them. I've also been doing research on tiny homes. Wow so much creativity out there. Giving me lots of ideas to dream even more. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

An afternoon in cincy !

What a nice afternoon we had starting off with lunch at the Findlay market, then a little exploring the over-the-rine neighborhood, the oldest intact urban area in the United States ! Yes some areas a little sketchy mostly because of what we hear and see on the news. But looks like lots of development happening there. After this area we went downtown a few blocks to the Carew building to the top floor observation deck. So lovely and never too many people. It's like we have the whole place to ourselves. Then off to the Hinge, another vintage fun store. New to town from Chicago store owners were fun and very informative. Again another neighborhood in transition. So happy to see this. We asked about any other areas close to check out and they told us of one not far away. Wow unique shops very vintage, very swanky sure felt like big city, but lots of cool vintage clothing and mid century glass ware so nicely displayed! They knew their stuff very high end! A gallery ready to open, a French shop, and the "Felix" building nothing happening there except the most romantic/ beautiful/ triangle /architecture around check out those balconies wow and double wow! Because we don't really know Cincinnati at all we just explore.....which led us to some very stunning neighborhoods from scary to mansions. We stumbled upon what looked like a nice Italian restaurant, turned out to be it was the best. Fine dinning ill take over fine jewelry any day. After checking the menu at many places this one stood out Emilia's . After a nice glass of white and a scrumptious dinner I was done. But for Wills sake I found the strength to do a little tour of ikea in west chester on the way home. Oh yes and a slice of there cake for take home! What a wonderful relaxing day.