Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fantasy life

Hello, if anyone is reading this blog sorry it's been a while...... Life has been happening. Last August when I was to return to preschool let us remember in short the preschool closed. I took a part time job at our local library. I loved it . It got me through the winter. I still love it. But time for me to move on. My mother is still on this earth and I hope to spend lots more time with her. 

And really throw all of my creative energy into building the business Vintiques. 
Will has been working on the building itself.  
I have been all winter quietly planning the shop in my mind working out ideas, shop layout, merchandise, hours, taxes, ect...

Now it's time to put it all together. I have a show to do on May 2 I hope to show case some of what the shop is about.

Also farm camp is putting its pretty face forward for another year.
Time to really get the farm cleaned up and the farm stay ready for real guest this year! Oh I hope it happens. 
So much on our plates this year of 2015! And just to let some of you who don't have ADD know what life is like... While you have all this going on plus so much more ( like all of us ) .... You have a secret fantasy of buying a tiny house in the city one that would take up all of your time and money to fix her up! As much as you could never live there full time.... It's just a fantasy..... Right!