Monday, June 24, 2013

A vacation day!

Sunday came with a garden tour in the morning, and wow some were so amazing! I was hoping to be inspired and I was. Only now I want that pond more then ever!  So I've included some beautiful gardens in this blog as well as the afternoon activities ..... I took Will to his first ever .... Wait for it..... Horse pull at our local fair! I was so surprised when 12 teams of horses were there and ready to pull. Complete with the old men drivers, owners! I've got a thing for old men. I swear maybe because its a generational thing but there is always an older gentleman with the team of horses. All in all it was a wonderful day complete with a nap during a gentle storm in the middle of the day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Little vs big!

Sometimes I so wish I lived in an urban setting with a tiny little green space. All done up with my favorite plants. Ever changing ! Weeding would take 5 min ect... Today I tackled the front entrance area before the gates into our farm. The gates are there to keep in horses llamas, and to keep out people. Many years ago we put out some large stones ect. For several years I've had out there an old plow and an iron kettle for flowers. I've even put in some bulbs for spring. A Virginia creeper has come in on her own. She is so pretty in the fall. So here is the before and after! Little projects that's what I am working on this week!

Friday, June 14, 2013

June farm camp 2013

So our first farm camp is over! I am exhausted ! Our first camp I kept our numbers low because my best friend who usually helps me will not be here for she is getting ready to go to Liberia ! But anyway, another friend stepped up and we had a blast! Exploring the creek, wagon rides to the back pasture, crafts in the barn, making homemade bread, visiting with the animals, and just enjoying the tire swing! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gentle rain!

What a wonderful day we are having here in eastern Indiana. A lovely gentle rain. Not my favorite travel weather but my favorite reading weather. But who cares, I am going to Indy to spend a few hours with my daughter today. So before I go here are some pics of the farm this rainy morning. First the horses enjoying a shower with breakfast. 2. My sense of humor shark pillow on swing by pool, 3. The walk way to back yard and pool is made of old pieces of slate. Found here on the farm once used as a walk way to the outhouse. I love how they feel on my bare feet. And I love how they look wet. Enjoy your day friends! Iam off to my girl in Indy. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Constant companion

Lucky, my lil love of my life, my divorce after 25 years, lil pound puppy! Has been my constant companion. Here he is lounging with me on the porch having some morning coffee, reading a few blogs. He loves this. Next we will be up and at all of the days chores. He will follow me everywhere. I am the lucky one!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flowers from an old fashion garden

Just the perfect day here to open all the windows and doors to catch the strong cool breeze today! Hard to believe so many are struggling and grieving this morning so many miles away. My heart goes out to those in Oklahoma and other places feeling mother natures power. Not looking forward to those storms coming this way, later today. Be safe everyone thank you for reading my blog. And don't forget to count our blessings.