Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Just some views from my front drive, on my walk last night. It's a soft rainy morning here at hannahs creek farm. I was going to try and get a lot of mowing done today. That's not going to happen. So I will have lunch with my best friend today instead. I love fairy lights. So much nicer to sit  on the porch in the evenings than having the porch light on. July farm camp begins next week on Monday . So this week my list is long of stuff to get done. The shop is coming along nicley just real slow. It really is going to be my dream shop. I can't wait to get it open with all of the fun stuff I have to sell stashed everywhere. I will be making candles the week after farm camp. Along with a bunch of other items I've been putting off. 

I hope you had a nice holiday over the 4th. I have slacked off on my purging the house of stuff lately due to having so many shop items around. It will be so different I hope when we get open and I have space for everything! In my mind it will be anyway. Looking forward to having classes and gathering women together for special events. In a special space.