Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Yo yo weather....

Yep that's Indiana, snow one day 72 the next. We've lucked out we had a very severe thunderstorm here. Some wind damage in the area. My greatest fear. 
But on the bright side, we are safe and these greet me daily. I need to get mypansies out! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easter shoes!

Yes ! It's almost that time of year. Spring has come to the farm. Oh yeah I'm still in my muck boots around here. Cause it's the kind of boot sucking mud right now. Especially with days of drenching rain. 
But I'm dreaming of new spring shoes. As a young child there were always the white patent leather kind with the little strap. I think I probably got a pair for my girl too, at some point in her preschool years. Now I go for comfort and durability . Last night we drove into town for ice cream. Yeah I'd been working in the yard most of the day. Got my peas planted. Hurrah for me. Anyway on the way in will looked down at my feet and said " nice socks". I was wearing a pair of his long white tube socks. And my most comfy pair of slip on crocks. Easy to take off mud caked foot ware when running in and out of the house all day. And what a picture perfect spring day it was.

So like I was saying new spring Easter shoes. Nothing like a splurge here or there. On Sunday I had to have the vet out because nestle had-inhaled her food. So much so she was literally choking. $300, later she was fine and the vet was gone. Always nice to see him. ( that's sarcasm )especially on a Sunday or holiday. Any way back to the Easter shoes.
 Are they not lovely?? Custom fit! 
I can tell she is so proud of them!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Library done!

I can't tell you how good it looks and feels! I purged 4 shelves of books! 6 bins of crap. ( from the before picture top shelves ). Went through tons of paper stuff. Photos, cd, videos , rearranged my vintage suit case collection onto the shelves. Most are emptied of just junk and now 3 hold family photos. Tagged with what is inside. All drawers organized . All boxes gone through . Craft supplies organized. I didn't purchase a thing just using what I had. Now I even have more visual space in this somewhat heavy room. Dark woods, oriental rug, heavy desk,victrola, but now it does seem lighter. Moving on some items really helped and now the door to the upstairs can be fully opened! The purge continues . Now I just need to get items out of the dinning room. Out of the mudroom and into my car for good riddance to good will! Feeling successful over here today. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The struggle is real

So still getting over the flu/sinus crud.... 
And yesterday I got rid of went through a mountain of " paper stuff " and now I'm stuck!!!! But I'm hoping after looking at some blogs... Doing some reading on clutter I will have the strength necessary to continue the purge....this is the before picture actually I had started then the flu hit. My strategy is throw all the trash on the floor .... Put other stuff away where it belongs. Then start the purge. I do have an empty desk drawer at this point but still need to stop the procrastination !
If you are reading this please drop a note of you too are struggling with stuff