Monday, August 25, 2014

Living small

So for what seems like forever we have been working on the little rental. Cleaning, painting, mowing, plumbing ect. But we feel we are now finnished and it is for rent. I so hope we will find a good renter. It is a very small home, with a large yard. It's only a little over 500 sq feet. That's small! But it has prepared us for our trip to Maine. And to our tiny one bed room one bath one living room /kitchen. It is only 380 sq feet. And yet it sure takes up a lot of space in my thoughts. While currently the farm house I have lived in for the past 18 years has many rooms I never use any more! It sure makes you think about what it is we need and what it is we want.. Don't get me wrong I love the old farm house. And the secluded land it sits on. But there is so much to be said for living small. Only having the essentials and those things in which you truly love that fit into those confines. For about a year now every Monday in my e mail comes a tiny house listing. So many of them are so perfect. It's so good to see people living for themselves not to be living to pay a mortgage . It's good to see young people starting out without debt. 

Seems now that summer is winding down hear Mother Nature is letting us know she didn't forget about summer! The heat and humidity is back in full force. Thankfully we have had some good rains to go with it! 

Monday, August 4, 2014


Sooo my newest love just came last week! She is so wonderful she has my coffee waiting for me every morning when I get up! She is replacing my old mr coffee who had a tiny leak! She is so sleek and modern. And I found her at goodwill with an original receipt taped to her instruction booklet. And here is the first best part.....she was 15.00 here is the 2nd best part I found her cousin the ice cream maker ( she was missing the bowl that goes in the freezer) ordered a new replacement bowl. Total cost 23. For bowl 3.99 for machine 26.99 total yippee for me! I love thrifting !