Monday, August 17, 2015


Hello friends! Not ever sure with a blog who exactly is reading. But really it's just a place to keep some thoughts and occasionally someone will say "oh yes I read that on your blog". And every time I'm just blown away with surprise. So here's what's happening in my life. My daughter bought her first house. And we helped her put in a new kitchen. 
I finally opened the shop again! It was so much fun seeing the customers from all over. We had an end of the summer first chance we've had little cook out and swim for our lil grandchildren. AND we have baby chicks! This is a new adventure for me. I had a broody hen so I let her sit on about 9 eggs. So far we have 3 chicks and one hatching out as we speak! This could be a total disaster, however maybe not! I'm just trying to stay out of her way and let her be!  The birds in the bird and butterfly garden are now almost fully grown and feathered out . We have a family of blue jays, cardinals, and some red headed wood peckers. They are my coffee companions in the mornings. And I must not forget the hummingbirds. I so enjoy these few moments in the morning. Looks like we may get some rain later today. We might need it . It's finally getting hot out just in time for the kids to head back to school on the bus. So much to get caught up on here at the farm outside and inside. This is what I'll be tending to today. AND checking in on those chicks!