Thursday, July 13, 2017

Well the worst of the worst..... not really but still worst has happened here on the farm......
The trees a good bit of 2 of them came crashing down.... not on the house...... while me and the doggies were huddled in the basement. Probably due to the fact everything is water logged. So much rain no chance to really dry out. You don't realize how long something is till it's down at eye level. They took out a good bit of fence. And one gate and the power line ro the house. Trapping us for just a while. Will cut some large logs and a neighbor moved some with his tractor.
It really is huge.
I'll take more pictures soon. It breaks my soul. But we will plant some more trees come fall.

This weekend promises to be a fun learning experiment. As Vintiques ( my tiny shop) is doing our first big show in Indy. Indiana landmarks treasure hunt.
I am hoping to move everything I can from the shop. And sell it to start fresh collection for fall. 
The airbnb is going well.
And hopefully next week I'll be traveling with the pups to Maine for some OCEAN time.
Well I must be off. Hope you are well where you are!