Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello December!

Leaving November .....welcoming December

Well here it is almost the last month of 2012! Wow what a year a lot of changes in my personal life.
And some funny crazy things with my health. However considering it all, I feel pretty good.

Lots of new things to look forward to in 2013! The shop, the farmstay, a trip with my BFF  to Belize for our in a few years to be 50-60 birthdays! No reason to not start celebrating early! The above photos are of my farmhouse dinning room. And of some 40 paper white bulbs I have planted for sale in the shop for our first sat of the month opening.

Speaking of shop my partner and I have decided it would be best to be closed in January, February ,and March to open again and officially in a big way in April! This means I will be able to have time to gather more fun items to share with you....And look forward to the next three month s and not dread the darker months ahead! I should say COLD DARK months ahead. Time to gather women together and their wonderful wares to sell in the shop.

In other news.....the dish network is out.... Someone will need to be here when the repair guy comes ugh....tomorrow when the shop is to be open! I'll be working on how that will go. I did get all 2000+ photos off my iPhone and into my computer well I didn't but my partner did and that's a good thing for my phone!

I have a little book at preschool about a little bear who gets ready for Christmas one day at a time doing all the things that lead us up to the big day. Well I think I am going to take his cue and try that approach myself this year and try to do one thing a day , decorating, baking, cards ect...we will see how that goes. I hope you have a wonderful week end! I have big plans for the evening! More about that later!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today we are taking the grand pups back to their momma! She was here over the holiday. And that is what I am most thankful for these days. My lovely smart daughter. She is working full time and going to school. In the city of Indianapolis . She has just moved into a new apt north of the city. She is so excited. It looks very nice. And now she is ready for those pups to return.

I love Indy , and look forward to doing a little shopping and just being in the big city for a while to absorb some of the energy! Sometimes I get a little home bound and don't want to go out if I don't have to kinda feeling . I havnt left the house in 4 days except to help my daughter pick up a few things for her apt. Kinda like a staycation. But now it's time to go out!

I hope if you are reading this blog that you have a wonderful day, however you choose to spend it. Well I did forget we went out to see the movie Lincoln on thanksgiving, it was so good and thought provoking . Go see it if you can!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The doggie is better!

The doggie is better!

Well he is feeling about back to his ol self..... And Rufus we call him rooooofy, is always starving. Guess so much so he decided to help,himself to a cup that had some doggie kibble in it well it hit the floor . Lucky heard this and came running into the kitchen and helped him eat it! Nothing makes you want to eat apparently more then if your cat friend might get something you don't! It's a cat dog party! Yeah rooooofy is bigger then lucky! All better now! BFFs for life they are!

The last thing you bought!

Photo of the day....

The last thing you bought......Kraft dinner, I sure like that better than Mac n cheese! And tomatoes cause I had the shop open today yippee. It was so much fun! The little village of newparis had a merchants open house....2 antique malls and our little shop! Yep I'm feelin happy and too darn lazy to make a real dinner. So it's a salad and Kraft dinner for me! ( I mix in a can of tuna ) gourmet I know!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Out the window!

Out the window photo challenge.

There is a photo challenge out there you know, snap a pic everyday with the subject on the list. Ok I am starting half way through the month but who cares looks like fun! This is a picture out my large front room picture window.  And the front room door window. Does anyone even say front room anymore? Or is that a word only used for turn of the century farm houses? It's just that the room in the front of the house. It's also our living room, den, sometimes dining room, tv room, cozy in front of the fire room!

But out that big window I see my front gates, part of the drive way, one of my favorite old trees, the original picket fence, part of it has been rebuilt part not! I really wanted to get it painted this year but there is always next year! And I can see the stump of another old long gone tree. I can see my nearest neighbors drive way, and a large farm field and woods. It's there that I often see deer. And the bridge over Hannah's creek one will need to cross to get to my drive way. The one that had a huge whole in it when I moved in. We could not get oil delivered, the fire trucks said they would not cross it...... To make a long story short the first county guy came out and told me it wasn't on count property we would need to replace it ourselves. Eeeeek. Then my 100 year ol neighbor came down and set me straight told me just how I needed to deal with the county. Never was there a need for the school bus to come over that bridge till then. And the start of school would be coming not to mention the other factors......well then the next county person came was a woman I could have kissed her when she told me yeah it's the counties we will get ya on the schedule for sooner n later.

We do have a lovely new cement bridge big enough for a school bus to cross, even though those days have come and gone. It was a school bus turn around in my drive way. They pulled up right to our front door! And if there was snow, guess what the county came out first with the snowplow! I am a lucky woman sometimes depending on the driver, ( I used to take hot coffee and treats to them). They still do! Back to the topic that big picture window with the doggie nose prints could use a washing!

Sick puppy!

Sick puppy!

I have a sick little doggy! The last couple of days he's not been feelin to well! His name is lucky he is my constant companion and cheer leader. Funny I know cheer leader but his personality is almost always happy and so full of energy. Par for the course cause he is a Jack Russel. He is also a pound puppy. I got him about 6 years ago right after my divorce. He was too skinny had too many fleas and was a constant barker at anything. We took care of all of the above and he truly is one of the best dogs ever. Just try and keep him away from a little child, or an elderly person or for that matter anyone. If the horses or llamas are out no problem he also thinks he's a huge sheep dogs and herds everyone back inside the fence. He knows too many tricks to mention, and he is my lap doggy and ( don't tell) also my sleeping buddy. He's the reason I own a king size bed.

But he's been off his food a couple of days and I've noticed a little gassy, this is a good indication of tummy troubles . If he s not better by Monday we will head off to the vet he did  this sme thing earlier in the summer. It's so hard to know when a pet is not feeling well. He sure likes to have his share of outdoor snacks of the barnyard variety,I am sure this isn't good for anyone's tummy but it seems as though all doggies like these little snacks.

Still just makes me feel aweful when we have an animal not feelin well. We take this for granted the happy little selves. I could fill a whole book on the funny things he has done.

We never hear compliants from our furry friends, no I've got a headache, my muscles are sore, I over did it today, I'm too cold too hot, Iam bored! No they are just always there making our lives a little easier, a little less stressful. Unconditional bundles of love.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The little things!

A moment to breathe!

Well here it is Sunday ! And do I ever need a moment to reflect its today! So much goung on right now! The Christmas village is over not sure I would do it again but it was so much fun talking about the shop and meeting new people. I am so tired! Thankful I have one more day till I go back to work. This week at school is a busy one. We have our annual ( for 50 years) stone soup dinner and play. The children are so excited some know what a play is some do not and are ready to learn. Its so much fun. But I've been known to say its like corralling squirrels! And well it is!

My house is a wreck again. How does that happen , oh yeah for the last two weeks we've been using it as a workshop! So today I will be doing loads of laundry and putting things away. And just in case you ever wonder yes your claw foot bath tub will recover from scrubbing old barn wood in it nothing a little bar keepers friend won't fix!

How is it all of the sudden I can't find a pair of jeans I own to fit me? I've only gained about ten pounds and Iam right where I want to be. But none of my jeans fit! Eeeeeeek that means I have to go shopping and when am I going to do that? I wonder? And what will I wear? Yoga pants!

My ADD seems to be kicking in real good this morning maybe time for another cup of coffee! Well my original post was supposed to be about Household Institute china Priscilla pattern to be exact . Lots of years ago from some sale somewhere I purchased two bowls of this pattern. I fell in love. I have a nice old mixing bowl collection. Well one did get broke.... But I still have one. I love the shape and size of it and how it feels when I mix brownies in it. And of course when I use it I always wonder of its original owner and how she came to have it? And who will have it after me?
But last week while browsing a thrift shop I found a small dinner plate and 3 tea cups of the same pattern. They didn't make it to the shop. This is the hazards of starting a shop. So now in the mornings when I have my coffee I've been using the little cups! It's the little things that bring me joy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas village

Christmas village !

Well after crafting, for a week , and painting everything in sight , we are almost at the end of the 2 day " craft show"! What an education. I've met so many nice people and these woman are TALENTED ! Doing a local show was nice I got to see many old friends I  have not seen in years! It was a nice way to advertise for the shop. And a real confidence booster. Lots of kind complements. It's so hard to know your customers likes and this was a nice way to see what people are looking for. And it gave me a little momentum for the open house next sat. In New Paris!  The best thing for sure about this weekend is I met a wonderful family from my little town and it will be even more fun to get to know them . There son is an old soul at 11 years old and has inspired me to join our historical society . Who knew?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall morning!

The sun has come out to play this fall morning! I've been super busy getting items ready for a craft show coming up! My friends urged me to go! Good advertising, but I didn't have much in the way of " craft" items so I've ( we) have been getting our craft on and up cycling everything that's not nailed down! So for now enjoy this fall weather! I'll try and post some pics of craftiness soon!