Monday, November 11, 2013

Queen of the hill!

This is a picture of the queen this morning! Yep that's her, standing atop a dirt pile put there long ago when we excavated for our pool. It was just too much fun to climb on way back then to do anything about it..then came the atvs the kids used to try to climb it. Fun to jump off of into the snow ect..... Well here it is years later about 15 years.... Still there waiting for someone to climb it. I keep thinking now that we only have the 2 horses left I should sink a pond back there? Who knows? Yes those are two lawn chairs blown over by recent high winds. We left them there from when my daughter was staying here over the summer. With her 3 dogs plus our 2 yep we had to have a place to sit and watch the hilarity! Enjoy this Veterans Day!

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