Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ye old outhouse

Today I am doing all the things I love puttering in the garden around the house , and fixing a dinner for my parents! It's my birthday ! I love this side of the hill looking good over here! 

For many years this little building has been sitting neglected. Well no more. I've planted so many perinnials in my from garden to no avail. Too much shade I think . So on to sunnier locals. I'll show you the afters later.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Business on the farm

Wow what a busy time spring is! We have been dealing with laminitis with one of our horses. The good news is vet says she is responding very well to her meds and they have worked their magic ( the vet) on her feet! Was very traumatic in the beginning but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Chicks! We are going to try again! Lord help us all. We have purchased a 10x10 dog kennel to house them. We will have to electrify it! But it might be our solution. I don't know how people have kept chickens for so long. Preditory coon have been our demise in the past . 

So school is out. It's Memorial Day week end we are trying to play catch up with grass mowing, gardening, pool opening general clean up ect. But last night we had our first little fire in the pit and watched the sun set. Today we slept in and are taking a bike ride in a small town kinda close by. What's the point in working so hard if you don't take a little time to enjoy life? Good thing the days are longer! Enjoy your week end!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cold and rainy day

It's Friday one of my days off. It again is a cold and rainy day. I am loving it. I've lived through 2 major droughts recently in my life. Enough to remember how horrible it was . I see daily on the news about the drought in the western half of our country. Devistating. I know that today I am having a day that they so desperately hope and long for. So while folks in this part of the country are ready for warmth and sunshine. I am enjoying this day to the fullist . A comfy spot on the sofa  with the pups. Next to the big window. Where I can see nothing but green! Weeds and all. I've only planted part of my garden. This year I am planting tons of sunflowers along the picket fence. The fence I will be painting when the sun shines again. While I miss the llamas terribly, I will be able to have some new plants around the fence that they would have eaten if they were still here. 

I am getting ready for the shop being open this week end again. Trying to not stress out over it. I'm reading one of my favorite books ( again ). I derive something from it new every time. So I will putter around today, here at the house clean off the desk ( dumping area) . Laundry and cleaning. Always there . Run some arrands. But for now I'll have a cup of coffee, enjoy the company and warmth of sleepy doggies, and a good book. Loving the extra shades of green out my window! 
Yep everyday sacred. Just like the book says! Enjoy your week end friends!

Monday, May 5, 2014

This and that

A great day for laundry
A new bird bath
Our week end was a busy one. Working at the shop, little league opening day! A birthday party for our little guy. If yo ever wonder why this blog is not so great it's cause I do it on my I phone and today it's all mixed up! Have a great week!
This house on the way to a near by town reminds me of Andrew Wyeth 
New candles poured into vintage glasses
Glad to see some of the perennials made it through the winter

Friday, May 2, 2014

Shop talk

My lovely daughter helped out at the shop this past week end. I am so very proud of her. She has accomplished so much. She is a very kind and compassionate young woman. I wish as all moms do that we could give them our wisdom . Because we hate to see them travel through unnessisary emotional pain. But maybe it is nessisary. Maybe they have to walk alone through some journey's to aquire the wisdom we have fought so hard to find ourselves. To finnally stand up for themselves . And we in turn are aquiring even more wisdom watching this painful process take place. While we tread water ever so lightly. For all moms everywhere who find themselves treading water with their daughters, remember as I am trying to do. This too shall pass. The pictures are from the shop opening. Where I took no pictures but my BFF did. Haha. Of my daughter and myself!