Monday, April 11, 2016

Almost there! The huge purge of 2016

Well it's official! I've purged all of the rooms in the house now. And it feels great! Here are a few before a and afters! 
It feels really good to have so much stuff gone! I've let go of all of my shelter magazine collection. And tons of stuff I've collected over the years. And now that my daughter has her own home that really helped too. These rooms didn't always look this messy and unkept. It was accumulation during the purge process. And honestly doing a fb share page from clutter to clean before spring. With funky junk ( blogger ) really helped. We had all read Marie kondos book. I read it last year and had started with my wardrobe/ closet there. And now I can say it's just what I needed. Last to Finnish was my back porch mudroom. And our little guest area where I had stored things to be purged. After many trips to good will and the dump. It's staring to look and feel just like I want it too. I still have a few projects I'm working on for the shop. And it will be so wonderful to have a workshop space at the shop for project. Not here so much. Well that's what's gapping here in a nut shell!