Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer update!

Wow so many things happening this summer! First it's gone way to fast! My daughter has moved home and is enjoying her new job at a wonderful animal hospital! Yes and she moved home with 3 dogs! So we were in a hurry to Finnish our guest cottage, for her then wills daughter moved from our little rental house the one with the large yard! So now we are onto rehabbing it! I furnished little Eli's new room with red white and blue. ( painting furniture project). The shop has been closed due to huge street and sidewalk project resulting in the street being totally closed! Will took a new position with a new company that he loves, I started back to preschool with the cutest kids you have ever seen in your life. And what this post is really about .. .... Realizing your dreams! Many many years ago Kelsey and I went on a little trip to Maine to visit a preschool friend who had moved away. I fell in love with Maine . And many times I have been back. Always looking at homes there dreaming. I even purchased a little post card with tiny cottage a place to just call my own by the sea when dreaming. It called to me so much. Well you guest it! By the photos, we found a tiny little cottage with an acre of land, 2 miles from the sea, and bordered by a tidal river. In Maine ! In our price range yes complete DIY dream! Yep that's what the Internet has done for us! Sight unseen except by photos! It's real we now own a tiny slice oh down east Maine ! We will be going in October to open this gift and see what we have. So you never know when dreaming it might just come true!

So that's the update, so far and it seems now everyday when I drive home from work after school I've been seeing deer lots of them. I've also been doing research on tiny homes. Wow so much creativity out there. Giving me lots of ideas to dream even more. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

An afternoon in cincy !

What a nice afternoon we had starting off with lunch at the Findlay market, then a little exploring the over-the-rine neighborhood, the oldest intact urban area in the United States ! Yes some areas a little sketchy mostly because of what we hear and see on the news. But looks like lots of development happening there. After this area we went downtown a few blocks to the Carew building to the top floor observation deck. So lovely and never too many people. It's like we have the whole place to ourselves. Then off to the Hinge, another vintage fun store. New to town from Chicago store owners were fun and very informative. Again another neighborhood in transition. So happy to see this. We asked about any other areas close to check out and they told us of one not far away. Wow unique shops very vintage, very swanky sure felt like big city, but lots of cool vintage clothing and mid century glass ware so nicely displayed! They knew their stuff very high end! A gallery ready to open, a French shop, and the "Felix" building nothing happening there except the most romantic/ beautiful/ triangle /architecture around check out those balconies wow and double wow! Because we don't really know Cincinnati at all we just explore.....which led us to some very stunning neighborhoods from scary to mansions. We stumbled upon what looked like a nice Italian restaurant, turned out to be it was the best. Fine dinning ill take over fine jewelry any day. After checking the menu at many places this one stood out Emilia's . After a nice glass of white and a scrumptious dinner I was done. But for Wills sake I found the strength to do a little tour of ikea in west chester on the way home. Oh yes and a slice of there cake for take home! What a wonderful relaxing day. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vintage decor

Decorating with vintage decor is so fun for me. We picked up several old school desk over last weekend. But the down side or up side depending on how you look at it, is keeping things. I put my old night tables in the shop a couple weeks ago and was looking for something different when we came across these awesome vintage school desk! Problem solved! Oh I really loved the short one beside the sofa, but the space was really just too small. But what perfect bedside tables they made! There are little holes in the front corners of the inside little cubbies perfect for charging the iPhone cords! The little cubby is perfect for books, meds, journal, phone, ect. And the top perfect size for lamp, alarm clock, drinking glass, books ect...I put a basket under each one for more storage, I love them! I will have a few in the shop for sale ad well as a few metal and wood desk chairs, with the small writing area on them all one piece with book storage below! I wish we could have gotten more the gentleman I bought them from said he had thousands he took yb apart burned the wood and took the metal to the recycling center! Oh my! So below are picture of them in my master bed room.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Well our little shop will not be open this week or next, they are putting in a new sidewalk! This is not the same as others in the neighborhood. Where they can just install a crude gravel walk way as they work. No there is a huge cavern under the sidewalk on our side of the street with basement entrances as well. So these must be filled in. This is happening so we hope to re-open for our 3rd weekend of the month for August with beautiful new side walks and yes we must have a sidewalk sale that weekend only seems right!