Monday, January 27, 2014

Old family farms

Several months ago, our family sold the family farm. There I said it. It's a hard fact to own up to and really I don't know why. My great grandmother whom I am still to this day in love with, lived here with my great grandfather that I never knew. He passed before I got to this earth. Any way this farm belonged to my great grandfathers family. WAY back into the early 1800's it was a land grant of sorts. The story I know is that there were four sharen brothers. They all built basically the same house. On different farms. They were well built in the Greek revival style. Today 3 of the four remain. But this us to change very soon. Sadly this one is coming down soon. The farmer who bought it will be rearing it down. He was kind enough to give us some notice. So for the last few days we ( myself and Will ) went out and got as much architectural salvage as we could. All 4 fireplace mantles, 6 over 6 windows, interior solid wood doors, built in cabinet doors. And a pair of 10 foot solid wood doors. A few bricks we found a few old photos ect .. Then it was time to leave. It was cold and hard work. ( no electric ) I stood in the back room looking out over the fields just imagining my ancestors doing the same. What did they see? There are some very old pines out the front view. To the road which is a state road. Across the road there is a truck stop. The main reason non of our family wanted to live here. The barns and out buildings are all gone. The little  widows watch at the center top of the roof has long had the windows boarded up and stuccoed over. I remember my great grandmother telling me that they my great grandfather s family once watched for the Indians from here. Yes it was before the civil war. I am very lucky to have my family treasures still to this day jewelry and photos ect . Yes I am the family historian. But now I have what remains of someone else's long ago dreams. I love my mantle in this old farm. I am sure they loved theirs as well. 

What am I to do with these pile of wood and glass? I am not sure but I do have a barn to store them in. Maybe my girl or niece or nefew will build a house or perhaps grand children? And they might just might be interested in history? Or perhaps I'll have boxes, coffee table ect. Made from the old door s who knows but one thing I know for sure. They are not buried a long with the rest of the house.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snow hike

Well so much has been happening here lately. NOT! We are just right smack in the middle of January. School is going wonderful the kids are awesome. Home is good. I got to go to the big city if Dayton yesterday. We went to trader Jo's and target! Got a little bite of pizza. Went down town to a huge warehouse liquidation store. Then we noticed on a tv they had on the radar that snow was close and we were still an hour away from the farm. So we headed for a snowy drive home. Stopped by Kroger on the way then home. Where the snow fell for most of the night. Today the sun is out which makes life happier. After will plowed the drive with our great 8N tractor we took a little hike to the back field. With the dogs! Gosh they were happy to be out! And so were we. We are now just waiting for the broncos game. Being Payton manning fans we just want him to win a Super Bowl. We both hate what the colts did to him. So I leave you with some Indiana winter snow pictures and maybe a video if I can manage it.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar vortex

Brrrrrrrrr! Well the polar vortex of 2014 has been here for a few days and I do believe it has worn out its welcome! With several days of -22 + or - I  am ready for it to leave. Living in a 100+ yr old house has lots of charm and farm living is most of the time idealic. However not with these temps. You must waste and ungodly amount of water from your well because you must let all of your faucets run or you will be dealing with frozen pipes under your home. You would have to tear up all those lovely old growth wood floors to replace the busted pipes! And old beautiful windows with that historical wavy glass is all frosted over so much you can't even see outside! 
Now let's talk about rural living down an old dead end drive a half mile back to your lovley secluded charming country home. You will be stuck inside for many days. The county will put out warnings telling you only to travel if it's an emergency! And yes all that wonderful Christmas candy will be staring you down! But by far the most wonderful thing about these temperatures is knowing you have two big ol horses that depend on you! And that means hay and fresh drinking water. Drinking water from a tank that has tank heaters that don't so much like the polar vortex! So let me be the first to nominate the pick axe, as this centuries most valuable tool! And let's not mention animals who love to go out and run can't ! Not for long anyway. Animals get cabin fever too ! And so does your partner who cannot get to work because of frozen car doors, batteries ect.... But the sun is shining today and it + 4 at the moment so hey please disregard any negativity here. I so love this old farm and can't imagine myself any where else!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Teacher tree

I posted some pictures of my teacher tree, for many years now I have had two Christmas trees, a live one in the living room, and a artificial one in the dinning room. This year we were far enough along in the guest area/farm stay that I thought I would put the teacher tree in there. Good choice it fit in perfectly with the little bit of furniture I had in there. But ahhh the teacher tree! Every year I put it up I remember so many of my past students who had gifted to me the wonderful gift of a tree orniment. Handmade or store bought no matter. I've collected many over the years and some years back decided to give them there own special tree. Starting out with a small  table top tree and for many years now a full size. How much fun for me every year to have these lovley items to remember each student an wonder where they are now. I say a prayer for each child. So Christmas is over and time to take down the trees.  Ok I am currently snowed in so maybe I'll leave them up one more day!

Teacher tree