Thursday, November 6, 2014

A tiny surprise

Last winter we saved some architectural salvage from our historic farmhouse before it was torn down. 
We dismantled some fireplace mantles. Dragged them through the house. Loaded them onto the back of our pick up. Hauled them about a half hour away to our barn. Unloaded them. Put them into barn. Then over the summer we moved them around again in the barn to store them out of our way. A couple weeks ago I was in the barn yet again and moved one of the mantles. ( leaning) it away from the others. I was by myself and there is no way I can move one of them alone. When my eyes fell on something.
You can see it in the first two pictures. Lying on a tiny ledge on the back side of the mantle covered in years of dirt. How many years? I have no idea. But of course in my mind I have it belonging to one of my great, greats! Coming in from work, emptying his pants pockets on to the mantle. And somehow slipped behind it. Gone forever? Till I found it. A treasure for sure in my eyes. A friend suggested letting it soak in a little oil do I could open it. A tiny pocket knife lost so many years ago. To be found in the future . What a story I have no idea how it stayed on that tiny wood ledge with all of the moving. And then for me to spy it, by happenstance ? I don't think so....