Monday, October 29, 2012

Sea scallops snow peas and garlic mashed potatoes!

Just add a clove, or two if your a garlic lover. Minced to your regular mashed potato recipe. Its just the thing to make them special!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Before and after in the little rental cottage!

Still a few things to do in the bath, trim ect... But the kitchen is still on the to do list! Wanted to rearrange the appliances to make it more streamline. But looks like may not be possible until electric is updated so that will wait for now. The new floor is in and we will take a break for a few days! We are to tired and will start again next week! Fun to see how far it's come!

Very busy days

Monday, October 15, 2012

Country life, fall is here!

Fall is here!

Well the fall season is here! There is a crispness in the air, the leaves are in full color. I've been doing some major house cleaning. This most certainly involves music in the stereo and maybe a little louder volume then normal because Iam all over the house. When you have ADD this is just how you clean house. But some how it all gets done anyway. Well almost done! But the point of the post is to remind you no matter where you live there is always something......And yesterday it was Spiders. We have a no kill policy here at Hannah's creek farm. Well at least when I am around anyway. It's easy peasy removal. A wide mouth jar and a stiff piece of paper like an envelope from junk mail. Sneak up on the said spider....put the jar over it ......carefully slide the paper under the mouth of the jar and under the spider. Lift up jar and paper turn upside down.... Toss that spider back outside where she belongs! See peace and happiness prevaile. Yesterday I did this too many times to count. And I won't go into detail about the one in the window by the shower .....when a certain male partner was in the shower and was screaming at the top,of his lungs for me to come and get her......which I couldn't hear because the stereo may have been up a little more then normal......

Country Life!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012


Last year our preschool was Monday, Wednesday , Friday, as it has been for years. This year is our first Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, . It's working out so nice for everyone. Our students get the benefit of working on projects everyday without interruption.

But I never know what day it is. It has been a very tuff week for our tiny community. Around the corner from my home is a tiny country church. Truly one in the middle of farm fields. It's very quiet there now. Except for the grain dryers you can hear in the distance. A family is getting ready to say there final farewell to there twenty year old son. The community has been grieving with them. Our youth have come together over social media to grieve.

But my thoughts this week have been with that mom, a friend. There are no words. As a parent the pain is just that. Pain real deep pain. She has no idea of the number of people praying for her people she does not know. People she will never know. 

When my daughter called to tell me for some reason I had in my mind another child, I woke up at two in the morning realizing who she was truly talking about. I was sick thinking of these two young men then realizing my mistake in my mind. 

This morning I read the obituary and the times of the calling and funeral. Thinking today was saturday , I thought I had missed the calling on Friday eve. Again my mind not with me I quickly called my senior friends to tell them I would not be over this morning to help them I needed to go to a funeral. Getting ready for my day it dawned on me it was Friday ! 
The calling is tonight. So I took this morning to slow down. Made some coffee and tried to get my thoughts together. 
All week I have thought of this mother and her week. She has been in my prayers. I have been praying for her all week everytime she comes into my mind. Which is a lot . 
My thoughts are mixed up my days are mixed up. I live in a very small community.
I have complained often in a small town everyone knows your business easy it is to forget everyone often shares your pain and grief as well.