Thursday, April 6, 2017

Good morning friends!
It's a cool one here in central Indiana today.
Almost 70 yesterday and not getting out of the 40s today. With rain.
I'm going to talk about my friend Jack today. I may even start a series of jack stories. Haha.
Jack who I call Superman is a machinist who lives on the other side of the field. He is in his mid 70s and one of my dearest friends. His shop is at home on his acreage. He called me a while back and wanted to know if I had a lightening rod with a ball on it? Well I have some but they are all up on my roof. So sometime went by and will found one at a sale and purchased it. I took it and sold it to jack for the purchase price. $45. End of story.....except not really. He called me over a week later and gave me this.....
It's really farm sculpture!
I had to put the cap from a ball point pen on the top to protect I had to put the money in his mail box because he wouldn't take it. True story.