Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is slow to come

Ok so I couldn't stand it one more minute! I just went ahead and bought myself some spring and it feels good too! Still working on the mud room over haul it's close to being done! Pictures coming soon!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Christmas in March

So much fun!
Vince Gill and George Strait. A night in a wonderful historic hotel. Dinner at a 5 star. Believe me I am not bragging here. Not part of my everyday farm routine. But oh so needed and appriciated. After this hard long winter. I am not a fine jewelry kinda girl. I'll take an experience over an actual item of a gift everyday. And my beloved knows it and gets it! We left mid morning on Friday took our time driving the 3 hours to Louisville. No snow in sight. Warm weather welcomed us. We had dinner at the hotel so I didn't have to worry about being dressed in enough layers to stay warm. Just a short elevator ride down to the restaurant. That was luxury enough right there I'll tell ya that. What a dinner it was. Worth staying in and forgoing the local Olive Garden , type resturaunts. For most of the winter. Staying in and cooking ( cause we were snowed in for most of it) ! The concert was amazing and so up lifting. So many generations together enjoying music. Saturday we were out and about. Just checking out Louisville. What a great little big town. We happened upon a little outdoor flea market where we found of all things a lobster food truck! Can you believe it? A no contest for us we went for the lobster rolls! And they were good ! It was so fun to see people out with their dogs and children. It wasn't hard to come back to the farm. Renewed an ready for all that this year will bring us. Once we get used to the time change that is!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New glasses

Ok so I've made the jump. Got my new contacts and glasses. Only problem is I can't see. If I wear my contacts I can't see up close. Same with my glasses. Yep with my glasses I can look down to see under my glasses so I can see. Not so with my contacts. Not long ago Will came home with a beautiful cake from the store. I couldn't wait to try it. Yuck, after the first bite I looked at the container from the bakery. Yep right there on the label SUGAR FREE ! We had a good laugh about it and I said well make sure you read the label next time silly says all over it sugar free! So fast forward to this morning. I decided to make pancakes at school. The kids love this so much. So I stopped at the store to grab some syrup yes I know the fake stuff. Good enough for this mornings fare. No food critics in our class room. Sept me! Yuck one bite and I looked at the bottle SPLENDA Eeeeek! Good thing I got those new glasses hahaha!