Saturday, November 30, 2013

A quick light snack

After turkey Manhattan, we needed a little lighter something. This is all you need, a banana, instant vanilla pudding, made with cold milk follow directions. After it sits for the 5 min in fridge gather your vanilla wafers flip them so the flat side Is up on a plate, slice bananas thinly with a teaspoon put a dallop of vanilla pudding on top of each vanilla wafer then top with a slice of banana and if you have your ready whip available top with the whipped cream. Serve right away one bite wonders!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vintiques the little shop on main!

Wow the little shop is doing so well! I love spending time there. And selling! Because the building is a hundred year old rescue building that we are slowly rehabbing there is the issue of the lack of a central heating system . So because of this I will not be open in Jan/Feb/March ! 
And I've sold nearly all of the large pieces, this will give me time to create and collect! Not that I don't have tons of pieces just haven't had time to paint at all. But we have been creating! My love is creating with organic material here on the farm, I've made snowman ornaments from old snow fence. And shelves from old fencing, items from horse shoes, and recently candle holders from old cedar fence post. Along with Christmas stockings from old grain sacks. Wreaths from grape vines, corn leaves, sun flowers ,  dried corn ect.... It seems this old farm has an abundance of material if only I look around . Well yes it does help that I don't throw anything away! And neither did the folks that lived her before me for the last 70 or so years! Slowly I am recycling most of our abundance and I am so grateful others seem to appriciate  the creativity ! So I leave you with some of the latest creations in the shop! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Queen of the hill!

This is a picture of the queen this morning! Yep that's her, standing atop a dirt pile put there long ago when we excavated for our pool. It was just too much fun to climb on way back then to do anything about it..then came the atvs the kids used to try to climb it. Fun to jump off of into the snow ect..... Well here it is years later about 15 years.... Still there waiting for someone to climb it. I keep thinking now that we only have the 2 horses left I should sink a pond back there? Who knows? Yes those are two lawn chairs blown over by recent high winds. We left them there from when my daughter was staying here over the summer. With her 3 dogs plus our 2 yep we had to have a place to sit and watch the hilarity! Enjoy this Veterans Day!

Friday, November 8, 2013


There is a reason they say " they were acting like a horses a** !" Cause this morning while trying to get the horses ready for the farrier that's exactly what the dark horse Nestle was being! How do they get so smart? How do they know when you don't have your game on so to speak? After trying 3 times to lead her out of the barn and after 3 times of her saying " what part of not going, do you not understand mom?" I was mad and exaughsted! About this time Owen the farrier Aka the horse whisperer got here. I said ok Owen they are in the barn go ahead get one.  In exactly .3 seconds he comes out with her! NestlĂ© looks at me standing there like" oh is that what you wanted me to do? I had no idea mom!"

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun decorating with vintage finds!

Over the years many people have visited the farmhouse, farm camp, Halloween, and Christmas parties, school field trips ect. Often people will comment on my unique style of decor. I love to use vintage when ever possible. It is an old farmhouse. But I feel vintage and antique pieces always fit no matter what the style. So today I've added a few pictures of a few pieces I use everyday. This is an antique pulley from my barn no longer in use. I love the shape, age and pantina on it .I needed a small lamp to have on while viewing tv in this area so I just added a vintage desk lamp!  On the other side of this window I added a child's vintage red wagon, an antique crock with plant fit right in with plenty of room to corral books or magazines. Hope you are enjoying the fall sunshine. All the combining of corn and beans within feet of my home I believe have given me the sniffles! Oh the joys of country living!