Monday, May 22, 2017

It's done enough!

So here are a few quick pictures I am still trying to learn to add them to the blog! 
So the last few weeks have been a huge fast flurry of getting it done! First the airbnb I need to try to add some pics... then the secret garden at the shop, then the opening at the shop with the succulent bar..... that no one came to? So lesson lea reed. I sold all of the succulent planters at my last show. So I've been going ahead and planting them and will put them for sale out front this weekend. 

And today I am resting.... doing laundry starting my new brain diet, and doing aerobic Exercises.... I ran ( jog fast walk ) got my heart rate up for 18 minutes. It's a start! It's a really beautiful day here on the farm. June 2 I am going to a celebration of life for one of my dearest friends in Michigan I will be camping I will be taking lucky with me and maybe Bella then on to Maine I hope. I applied for my passport so I can travel through Canada not sure that will happen. But I am looking forward to the time off. And to just wander my way around.
Sometimes on days like today I think of all the things I should be doing. Then I remember this is really really important too. Resting and just puttering around......

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

So friends here it is early may a beautiful morning on the farm. I am trying so hard in my morning moments to learn how to add photos to the blog. I miss my blogger app. It worked to well. The shop is going well. Saturday was one of our best days yet. It was a whole town yard sale and we had a main st. Market on our tiny main st. Complete with food truck! How bout those apples!! Haha. In other  news the airbnb here on the farm is up and running. You can check it out for yourself on airbnb. Hannah's creek farm guest cottage. We have had 4 guest with 2 different weekends. I love it! Trying to keep a little cash flow and helping the farm pay for itself is. Huge.

Yesterday was an exaughsting day. I had to barrow a truck to go pick up the rest of my "picked " items from a friend who is emptying a house for a friend. Then bring it here... power wash items going to the secret garden. Dig out some old metal roofing going to the garden on the pergola for shade... it's sooo hot! Power wash them load them load an old water tank and a few other items. Drive to shop unload then get the truck back. Oh how I wish I had a partner most days to help with the craziness. But realizing goals with the airbnb has really given me some fuel to move forward. Finishing something that has taken me over 20 years is so awesome.

Looking forward to a getaway soon to Michigan for a friends celebration of life. Bittersweet for sure I miss him so very much and think of him daily. The celebration is to be held at a lake he lived at for many years. I've been many times. But never without him...

So we are doing a succulent bar for the opening of the secret garden and I must get busy...joining my mom and daughter for a quick lunch today then taking my mom to pick out her Mother's Day gift from a local Amish market that has beautiful hanging flower baskets!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

Wow I can't believe it's may already so much going on.....not really sure what to talk about first . We have been really busy at vintiques getting the secret garden happening. Yesterday I worked on the hidden sidewalk from the other street entrance. By work I mean digging up years and years worth of weeds and dirt to discover a cement sidewalk and also a stone path. This sidewalk does not belong to me. There is an entire abandoned building that sits right next to ours. I am so trying to put lipstick on the pig with this one. Haha. Well it appears I can not add a picture today from my iPad so I guess I won't show you. Or my phone. So I will say goodbye for today and try to fix some of these difficulties soon. Yikes I am so technologically challenged!