Thursday, January 28, 2016


So much happening! I'll try to break it down. 
Shop: had my last sale and it worked out pretty good. We are in the hunt at this time for a good contractor for the remodel . 
Stuff: I'm still getting rid of another car load is ready to go. And I cleaned out fridge/ and pantry 37 cook books down to 7! Re arranged my tea items put them all together instead of different cupboards ect . 
Goals spend more time with friends 
Had an evening with these awesome gals.
Travel : took a trip to SC to see a special young friend who has moved was so nice to see her new life she had created. And Beaufort /Charleston area is really lovely never mind the drive we out ran winter storm Jonas !
So it was an trip to remember my traveling companion ( my bestie) Kim was suffering through a cold, but we survived nicley by basically eating everything we could. The food was spectacular . The history tour / historic home tours all top notch a great walkable city then on the way out to home we stopped to see the Angel tree. If you ever get the chance it's very worth it. So that's it in a nut shell can't believe January is almost gone I feel I spent it very well! I hope I can say the same for February !