Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall's beauty and energy

I am starting to feel better. 
Having buried our last llama seems so strange taking pictures outside at the farm. With no lurking llamas. 
The fog has been so pretty here. 
The air warm like the first part of spring.
It's the end of October.
The children at school are so excited.
Our Halloween party is in the morning, I feel lucky I get to have the opportunity to dress up. The children love it. I love it. Always a witch!
So here are some fresh fall farm photos! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Life these days....

So much happening here.
We went to Maine to see our little cottage.
On our first night away phone call came my dad's father had past. 
My mom said not to come home.
Then the second phone call same night, my daughter called we had a llama down the one born and raised on our farm. My daughter handled it like a champ. Burial and all.
We went on to Maine the tiny cottage, and surrounding land, neighbors, town were all way more then we expected.
It was like a dream come true the weather was perfect. 
The day before we were to head back, we were driving after dark back to our little cottage, Will got a phone call.....
His beautiful wonderful big sister ....
Was gone. As in passed away just gone just like that. No sickness, no warning, no goodbyes just gone. 
We are home.
The funeral over.
We are back to our everyday lives.
I have a yucky cold.
I'm doing laundry and house work.
We are in shock still.
I don't want to believe it.
Her grand kids called her yaya....
She was the best yaya I ever knew...
She had just turned 61.
Everyone is hurting.
Her best friend said " I thought we would grow old together".
Made me think of my best friend.
She loved Halloween, always has a big dressup party. 
The kids are still planning it to continue the tradition. 
We are bringing sky lanterns for each grand child to release.
I still don't believe it even after all the tears, funeral, 
Still shock....
I'm not taking anyone or anything for granted. I was starting to second guess the purchase in Maine , 
Nope I am so glad we did it so greatful we could! Brenda would have loved it . Trying to remember everyday we are promised nothing... Not even tomorrow.