Friday, September 6, 2013

Almost fall

I am not sure when it happens but I sure wish I would pay more attention to when it does to see if it falls on a certain date, the same every year? Their gone, the barn swallows that is... I watch them return in the spring, build their nest raise their young, take sips of water from the pool, they keep me company when I mow the back field with the tractor, and eat up all those yummy bugs! Then I get busy going back to work, ect ect. Then one day I just notice they are not here anymore. And I miss them. I should google them to find out where they migrate to. I always wonder where they go next, is there someone there waiting for there return? 

And it's the season of the monarch and I really have seen just a few. Where are they? I've only seen one caterpillar this year on the many milkweed plants I let grow around the property. 

Sitting on the porch this cool morning in the sunshine, reading and enjoying the company of the doggies. I hear the lovely sound of a humming bird. I was just going to take a pic of the pups when the hummer comes into view of the camera, that's her checking out the bright colors of the afghan a gift from a preschooler several years back. 

So many things did not get done this summer at the farm. I didn't paint the front porch floor or front doors, I still could. Or the picket fence.... I am still waiting for the contractor to build the farm fence and fix the Pickett  fence. I guess my heart is in Maine at the little cottage.... I can hardly wait to go there and get to see it myself. We found out a close neighbor there has a bed and breakfast we an on staying with them our first night by the cottage till we see what we have to work with.  

And the shop, oh the shop. We have not been open for quit some time as I mentioned earlier the street and sidewalk have been closed. But I am going over today to clean up and rearrange,and open in the morning! The street is sti closed but I am opening anyway! I saw many folks going into the shop across the street this past week end. I called the mayor, he said oh yeah, we just haven't taken down the sidewalk closed sign ! 
Ugh so I am gonna be busy there today! And if that sign is still up today I am going to put a for sale sign on it today! Enjoy your week end people it's going to be a nice one around here!

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