Friday, June 17, 2016

Farm camp June 2016 is over!

Well another June farm camp is over. 
Soooo much fun and sooo much work to do before it starts! This year we had so much mowing and weed eating to be done. Going from 8 livestock eating grass to 1 is hard in many was and easier than others. Our camp is Monday through Thursday from 9 to 4. We do crafts, cooking, creeking, and critters. In the afternoons we mostly swim. 
Making fresh squeezed lemonaid.
Watching the farrier do his job!
Making homemade ice cream, fairy houses, homemade mac n cheese, our own stepping stones. Learning new camp songs! I swear I have more fun than anyone. But honestly it does leave me a bit exaughsted. So today I sip coffee on the porch, do some laundry, clean up a little here and there. And reflect on how lucky I am to have shared a bit of my time and a bit of this old farm with some very special young people.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer is here!

Hoping everyone is enjoying the start to a  wonderful summer. Thinking about my summer fun list lately . The shop progress is slow but steady. But summer is for sure here! Some pictures of the farm to enjoy!