Tuesday, August 22, 2017

More Maine and other stuff...

Wow.... hello friends seems like I can only really blog without pictures. Maybe one day I will learn all the Ins and outs..... maybe not. So here's what's happening here. Maine was awesome. The drive there and back with doggies was in uneventful but way long. The dogs were great and good company. I was able to stay for the longest time yet. Will was able to join me by flying in and out.
 It was super relaxing. So much going on. Kelsey and I was able to take Vintiques on the road with a show in Indianapolis before I went to Maine. Seems shops in our area slow way down in the summer. But good thing is the airbnb at Hannah's creek farm is going way better than I ever thought it would!
So that has been an unexpected blessing. The workshops continue to do well only monthly though. And the big upcoming news is.... I get to go to...... china! 
Here in a couple weeks. Will is going to go for work and I get to go with him. We will be back just in time for apple fest. Then I will fly back to Maine for a short week..... then it will be shop time flat out till the new year. And that folks is what is happening here.

Maine.....and more.

So this is a great little beach close to our little cabin.

This is me! Lucky and Bella at the top of a look out,after the hike up.

Our little cabin I was trying to paint but discovered a wasp nest and had to stop.

A new little decor for the entry way. 

Tiny bedroom. Still dealing with my inability to use blogger. Ugh. So I guess that's all for now.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Well the worst of the worst..... not really but still worst has happened here on the farm......
The trees a good bit of 2 of them came crashing down.... not on the house...... while me and the doggies were huddled in the basement. Probably due to the fact everything is water logged. So much rain no chance to really dry out. You don't realize how long something is till it's down at eye level. They took out a good bit of fence. And one gate and the power line ro the house. Trapping us for just a while. Will cut some large logs and a neighbor moved some with his tractor.
It really is huge.
I'll take more pictures soon. It breaks my soul. But we will plant some more trees come fall.

This weekend promises to be a fun learning experiment. As Vintiques ( my tiny shop) is doing our first big show in Indy. Indiana landmarks treasure hunt.
I am hoping to move everything I can from the shop. And sell it to start fresh collection for fall. 
The airbnb is going well.
And hopefully next week I'll be traveling with the pups to Maine for some OCEAN time.
Well I must be off. Hope you are well where you are!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lil pink camper

A better view! From the previous post! A sweet little retreat to spend some time napping or reading!

Hope where ever you are you are having a peaceful summer so far!
Cleaning up, cleaning out....
So the last two days here in ce
ntral Indiana have really been very beautiful. I thought I really should do a task or two that I've been putting off. Before the heat returns. And I got two goals done. One there is a milk house that sits right on our front drive right in front of the barn. It was full of crap.... that's putting it nicely ..... got it all emptied and hauled off to the county dump! Yay me. Two I have a 1964 travel trailer.... yes one of those that you see all "glamped" up! It's a looker on the inside sweet as can be. But the outside well it's "original ". However over the last several years we have used it as a pool house dressing room, playhouse for the kids. And they adore it. Also storage for old pillows, blankets, books, camping gear.... and by the looks of it anything else we could cram in there! Well I got it all cleaned out too! Again yay me.

You see the last few years has been one of shop, shop, shop.... and I don't mean shopping! We've been so busy getting the shop aka business ready that lots of other things have gone undone or neglected. And when you own a vintage business you have to have somewhere to store the vintage. That would be the garage and barn. Slowly getting to those areas. And then there is the grass,weeds, fields that the never ending rain has provided us with such lush greenness!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Farm house living room

So I love to read blogs.... ok that's an understatement! It's a Monday morning thing for me. So much thought and inspiration comes with it.
It's like checking in with  I old friends for me.
After a week of broken things last week, comes this week full of fixed! And a beautiful sunny day comes with it. So after cleaning literally everything in the living room..( fireplace cleaning done by a professional that was not professional and left a sooty mess everywhere) ... I still don't have curtains back up yet.... and I may not put them up till fall. I love the feeling of openness it allows. And with no neighbors why not? We have really had a tremendous amount of rain in this part of Indiana lately and it makes it super hard to stay on top of the mowing, weeding and really anything else outside. This with very high humidity and temps. But not today. It's just beautiful. Still I am not able to use blogger the way I once did. I am so not technically able. So thank you for reading and muddling through post with me. I hope you are able to enjoy your day wherever you are!
This is standing in the door way into the living room from the library.

You can see one of the front doors that opens in onto the front porch. The other opens to the library where there is the front door we use to enter the house.... if not coming in through the mud porch.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

To make along story short....

Everything's a mess! Last Friday will had a professional come and clean out the fireplace which we had never used because it vented the old furnace. But lots of debree had fallen in and it was a sooty mess. Well the guy came and left. And will was not paying much attention to the situation. End of along week for him. I got home and he told me he had someone come and clean it. At first I was happy. Then I saw the MESS. everything in the living rom covered with a fine layer of black soot dust. Black hand prints all over everything I immediately started to clean it up.....no this is not a job for Friday evening. After many conversations with the own and employee it was apparent thus was not going to resolve. So tractors broke, pool pump broke, house is a disaster and we have guest in the cottage. Who are here with their son who is having cancer surgery today.
My problems are nothing.
Hope you all have a great day and that your problems are like mine.....0