Sunday, February 17, 2013

Geothermal !

See that very pretty cat. You might not be able to tell but her normally bright white fur, has a bit of grey grungy look. See those new curtains behind her? Same thing. I'd been noticing everything seemed to be just a little dirtier then normal. Ugh February grey skies! Nope I changed the furnace filter! Ahha! On to something here. Nope one week later eeeeek new filter was completely black. Uh oh. , something wrong with the oil furnace. Yep it had been spewing out the nasty dirty black oily yucky stuff. Yep has to be replaced . So we are thinking geothermal. Sounds like the way to go. I keep thinking, or I could buy a new vw or move to Australia ect.... But the fact is it will be such an amazing up grade no fuel oil bill, can't imagine. I can have white walls, I can have heat on in the mudroom, in the addition , gosh I can have heat in my bedroom. Yep up grades are nice. There will be dust, strange men, large equipment , holes cut into 100 year old plaster. But I'm likin the idea! So does lyla she likes her white to be pristine!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Nestlé quick is her name!

It's starting to snow a little! I wish I had new tires on the trailer, we would be gone!

Valentines !

Well I feel loved! Valentines at preschool pure awesomeness! We have been having a basketti, lunch for several years now. But this year a little snafu, our stove was out! No stove, no problem for these parents nope. All I had to do was ask. Pasketti, spaghetti , ect showed up in crock pots! With a salad our children tore up, cut up with their own little hands! And the sweets ahhhh yes the sweets! The easiest dinner yet! And to top it all off I asked that everyone clear their plates and deposit them into the dish washer! Walah, with the help of extra mommies all done! Even with a plate made for me to take home! This was so nice even a few daddies and grandparents made it for a quick lunch! I can't believe I didn't get a shot, of all the homemade valentine boxes that came in. Such fun the children had doing this at home with parents! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. And have one today too! Celebrate love especially with our little ones.

Friday, February 8, 2013

February blah!

So some friends and I took a trip to ikea, what fun! On a February day! So for less then the price of a fancy dinner, I got new curtains. Just a little pick me up for the month of nothing! No nothing really wrong with the old ones. Ill keep them for another day. I forgot the before pics of the big window, but got the ones of the little window . Yep time for change. No your not seeing things that's a sunflower yellow on the walls .Another nod to yucky grey Indiana winter. And yep I'm lovin the new ones. Also a before and after what a difference a shower curtain can make!

The other pics are of Rufus the cat and lucky. Everyone went on a walk to the back field yesterday. It was a warm day. They are playing there favorite game. Chase and tree climbing! Don't worry they really do love this game. I mean no one can make a cat go on a walk if he wishes not to!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Help I've turned into a little old lady!

Well it's official peri menopausal, frenzy, no memory, dry hair, crabby attitude, low sex drive, and it's 7:30 and my fatiqued body is saying can we go to bed yet? U G H , enough already! Yep and I've got the SAD to go along with all the other symptoms in my mind ass well.

I did wake up at 2am, trip to the potty, which in this house means I have to get out of my warm bed go down the stairs which I can do in the total darkness because I know this house so well. And my jack Russell always goes with me case the boogy man is creepin around. So then I have to let him out. Dang it's cold out too. Let him back in then repeat the who scenero at 4 am! Then partner get up at 5, I was just getting back to sleep . Just trying to get back into dream land only to wake up before my alarm is set at 7. Get myself ready for work, make coffee to go, feed the dogs, let them out and in . Say our tearful good byes. ( don't forget pack my lunch).

Drive to work have a glorious day with 13 preschoolers.
Stop at Walmart pick up a few things drive home, that's a twenty minute drive anyway you look at it. Arrive home let out welcoming committe, feed horses, make dinner ready for bed 730! But no one goes to bed at 730! So I'll try to keep my eyes open and watch a little modern family. Oh wait that's not on for another hour and a half. Oh dear........see lil ol lady!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby it's cold outside!

Wild swings in the temps around here! Little mini snow squalls, have created hazards on our highways! It's just crazy stuff! But I make coffee, let the dogs out, feed the birds any way! It's so cold and windy schools have been delayed! But the beautiful sun has come out this morning! When I opened the curtains in the bedroom this morning, I had perfectly frosted windows! It was single digits last eve so I let the water trickle in the bathroom and kitchen! Even though during our renovation they were super insulated, I still don't have much faith when it's this cold! That's how we roll when you live in a very old farm house.!

Looks like a good day to stay in and catch up on some laundry and house work . A good auction is this week end. Hope to find a few things to pick up for the shop. The picture is of the front door this morning as I went out to feed the birds. That's icy frost on the inside!