Monday, March 20, 2017

Hello friends

trying this again in a little different way I deleted the blogger app and just went in through another way! Maybe I can blog again! I really have missed it and didn't want to lose all of my past blogs! I realized how important blogging is to me! Life here at the farm is going on just fine. Trying to adjust to my new work schedule. Trying to balance life at the shop with life on the farm. Sometimes it seems both are a full time job. My new project this year is to Finnish some of my old projects. Like the guest area here on the farm and get it going with airbnb. Have the water work finished at our tiny cottage in Maine and get it on airbnb. And here at the shop.........wait for it.....a tiny secret garden.

Beside my shop is a garage.....with a wrecker service......with the (death cars) ugh that's what I call them in a parking lot right outside my back door. There is no fence the only thing that separates our properties is my property is grass and theirs is old very old blacktop. So I am thinking a large privacy fence.... we shall see. I will try to post some before pictures very soon. We are just waiting for the weather to change! How happy am I this first day of spring. I can blog again!
So good to be with you again friend. And now I will try to post a few pictures.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Well here it is march and I am still trying to get blogger to work.
The shop is doing well. Much better then I thought it would for February!
Are humming right along. Well blogger hasn't disappeared yet so I will try to post.