Monday, March 25, 2013

Olive an urban dive!

Oh I had fun fun fun! A little trip to Dayton to buy some Annie Sloan chalk paint, and we ended up having a great day! What a lunch. You know all organic, free range healthy kinda stuff. Delightfully housed in the ultimate recycle project, an old wympee building ! No bigger then a minute. The help was nice and entertaining. So fun to have an impromptu outing with your BFF! After lunch we poked around the little adjoining neighborhood . So fun a little art studio for children. A warehouse full of industrial salvage. Oooooh so much fun! Just what I needed last week! Pictures to follow

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of spring!

Eeeeek! Yucky stuff happening around here. The geothermal is in and working great. Duct work to second level and addition done. Drywall to cover it all done. Almost all drywall dust vacuumed. Cleaners are cleaning all walls ceilings and floors. Still so much to do! Soot seems to have found its way everywhere! Next up painting. Seems like its spring cleaning, decluttering, painting, redecorating all in one! What a huge mess . Can't wait to have the house all to myself again! Goal is to have everyone done and out of here by my spring break. So I can put the house back together again!

We shall see?

Friday, March 8, 2013

What now?

No hot water yet but it's on it's way they say. Next duct work what to do ?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

And so it goes!

Today is a snow day! No school! No wonder the heating guys had to have one of their own plow the road and my drive to get here! But get here they did just as I was stepping out of the shower. So much for a quiet day at home. I may not ever have that again. Well it feels that way when 4 to 6 men are all over your house at once.

So what's a girl to do? Take a walk with her doggie. In the back 40. Take some very pretty pictures of the land. So here they are enjoy them.

And I swear today I saw a seagull flying over the house?

Hearing random conversation of these men make me laugh to myself.

The birds have been so fun today to watch.

I can't find ruffie? Ill try to post a very funny video of he and lucky playing , they crack me up!

Monday, March 4, 2013

My heart aches!

This is such a hard post..... 4 days ago we lost our wonderful dog Hannah. The vet said It was stroke. She was 14 + years with us! Never sick never slowed down one bit. She was out in the barn with me the night before. She was playing with me and lucky.

She truly was the best dog ever. She loved children and helped them to not be afraid of big dogs. It was her gentle nature . She went to the nursing home with me to visit my Gran before she past. She brought comfort to every soul she met. Above all she was best friend and mentor to lucky our little jack Russell. It's been so hard watching him grieve . I took him out to see her so he would know she was gone and not run to find her. The look in his eyes broke my heart. It's been 4 days he still does not want to eat.

The men came to install the geothermal unit on Friday. With a backhoe they were so kind to dig the hole for us. The ground is still froze . I don't know how I would have managed without these wonderful young men. I went over to the car where Hannah's body was and then one said they could do this.... I just went in the house. I hope I never hear anyone talk bad about young people these days. These young men were angels !