Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Just too much!

Every closet, every drawer, every under the bed, every shelf! Full! Every basement, garage, barn, out building full! I'm just so sick of myself! I've lived here over 20 years now. And those special Christmas dishes I just bought, that's right no place to put them. So this is the year! Do I say that every year? Time to strike while the feeling is fresh! 

I've read countless blogs, magazines ( remember those) books, articles, whole tv shows! Devoted to clearing clutter! I am very good at this. Now I need to clear the clutter from where you can't see it too. It's true it's very very very overwhelming. That could be my word for 2016! Overwhelmingly overwhelmed with too much stuff! Can't really have a barn sale in January in Indiana. ( partly because the barn is full too). But it is going .... To friends, daughters, goodwill, Salvation Army, ex husband, neighbors, people on the street! But it is going. The shop is closed Jan feb March. There will be major renovation going on there. Like tearing out the floor. So I can't even take stuff there to sell. So it's going! I am going to start today I have filled my car and it's going to be dropped off today!even my trunk is full of magazines I was supposed to take to Salvation Army 2 years ago! Get going Sharon! If any of you have ideas please share! 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This Christmas gift to myself..... 20 years ago

A long time ago when I was a very young woman we lived in Germany. Actually west Germany that was before the wall came down and unification. It was a magical time. My husband was in the army. We traveled when we could to lots of towns one was was waechtersbach west Germany we went to the ceramic company in that town. Very famous beautiful pottery/ceramics. Especially Christmas ware. I believe they did new patterns every year but the same trade mark colors ect. I loved the simple pattern but we lived very modestly. And could not even afford a mug. 

Fast forward many many years. Ok 30 years. And as I was doing my Christmas shopping I stopped into a vintage shop and yes, there they were. My beautiful Christmas dishes. We'll sort of. Several mugs and cups and saucers. And a few desert plates. And a few with my special pattern. Of 30 years ago. I turned them over to be sure and yes some said w Germany I was skipping inside. Because this time I could afford them! Also I found a nice set of vintage Christmas drinking glasses. Paired with a few white ironstone plates from my shop and I was able to set a Christmas brunch table as well as a small dinner for friends and Christmas dinner with our grown up kids. I wish I had taken some table picture s several were candle light. So see we are never to old to enjoy a Christmas gift. Truly I couldn't think of a thing I wanted or needed for Christmas. It was a total surprise. Finding the dishes. It was even a little more fun for myself setting the table at different meals, I had prepared for family and friends. Making new memories from older ones. Never to late to take care of your younger self either! I hope all of you reading this have a beautiful new year! Enjoy the pictures of the farm too.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Fall / thanksgiving

So I don't know if things will ever slow down or not... But today they are. I am intentionally taking a break day. I've been enjoying my blog reading today. Catching up on what everyone is doing and how folks are decorating for this years holidays. We had family in for thanksgiving and it was a blessing in itself. Spread over a few days. So nice to see how our family is growing. The weather in this part of Indiana has been mild so far. The grass is still green. I have hay put up in the barn for the start of winter. Still a few things to do outside.... Isn't there always. I did Finnish the outside of the guest area , with board n batten. So here are a few shots of the holiday table and the porch. Very easy very simple. The shop is going very well. On one hand I will miss everyone after our closing on the other it will be nice to have a few weekends with just will. Then the renovations will start in ernest it will be a huge thing to Finnish one of our projects for ourselves. Enjoy the pictures in no particular order!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello friends!

So this is what is happening here. Last Saturday it was a cold and rainy day. It said to me "Sharon I'm gonna give you a few more nice warm days.... If there is anything you wanna get done outside you better do it!" So I listened for once and painted the outside of the guest area. And it's almost done except for the trim. And my neck and shoulders are saying " Sharon you better knock it off or we are gonna hurt you real bad."
So I listened and the house is a disaster area cause I am beat! Tomorrow night I am hosting a bead your own necklace at the shop. It will be fun to see how many if any show up. The beads are just lovely. I purchased them at auction from a world traveler and collector . You know if you've got great beads better string them. So that's it for now..

Monday, August 17, 2015


Hello friends! Not ever sure with a blog who exactly is reading. But really it's just a place to keep some thoughts and occasionally someone will say "oh yes I read that on your blog". And every time I'm just blown away with surprise. So here's what's happening in my life. My daughter bought her first house. And we helped her put in a new kitchen. 
I finally opened the shop again! It was so much fun seeing the customers from all over. We had an end of the summer first chance we've had little cook out and swim for our lil grandchildren. AND we have baby chicks! This is a new adventure for me. I had a broody hen so I let her sit on about 9 eggs. So far we have 3 chicks and one hatching out as we speak! This could be a total disaster, however maybe not! I'm just trying to stay out of her way and let her be!  The birds in the bird and butterfly garden are now almost fully grown and feathered out . We have a family of blue jays, cardinals, and some red headed wood peckers. They are my coffee companions in the mornings. And I must not forget the hummingbirds. I so enjoy these few moments in the morning. Looks like we may get some rain later today. We might need it . It's finally getting hot out just in time for the kids to head back to school on the bus. So much to get caught up on here at the farm outside and inside. This is what I'll be tending to today. AND checking in on those chicks!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The chicken shed

Well there is an eye sore on the farm. One I don't mention often. Ok at all. But it's here. One long ago we used it for chickens ..... But eventually gave up it was impossible to proof it ofpredators.
And with a whole house renovation, barn roof, garage roof, geo thermal heating, verious other sheds and out buildings to tend with. Our Maine cottage, the shop, the rental , the guest area , work, kids, grandkids you get the picture. It's at the very bottom of the list. It was even to painful to go around to the field side to look at it. From our farm side it's not too bad. As farm out buildings go. So today I went to really see and investigate, the condition. And the good news is it's in much healthier condition then I thought. It's actually very sturdy. Really needs a new roof for sure but the structure is surprisingly sound. So the wheels start turning......

So I have a new board on my Pinterest page !

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Air bnb

Well this is so exciting for me! In September when we go to Maine we will be flying to DC then driving the next day to our place in Maine . So when we get to DC we will rent a car then drive for 5 hours and stay here! On this sail boat! We are both so excited to try air bnb. It will be the longest vacation so far. Hoping to take our time on the return trip to see some of the coast we have not. And New York and DC! I think I already love air bnb and may never stay in a hotel again! Enjoy your weekend . We are working on the building this week end and hope to squeeze in a garden tour. It's poring buckets here today!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Farm camp!

What an awesome time. I am so lucky to have this beautiful farm to share with children. Some who are able to pay to offset the cost of those who can't pay... It all works out in the end . A large pitch in lunch ends the week at 12 on Thursday parents who can come then do. We have some parents who are able to stay with their children for the whole camp time. It's a special time for sure. 
Farm camp is over! 
It was so fun again! Just can't lose when you add kids with creek, crafts, a big barn, animals, rain, pool, home made ice cream!