Friday, May 31, 2013

Using vintage in modern homes to decorate!

Our home is a rambling old farmhouse. With a new facelift, hardy board siding. A few new windows here and there. But pretty much same as she was when she was built. Inside is a fun fresh eclectic mix of decor! I am always surprised when visitors comment on the house. One of my favorite ways to incorporate vintage into my decor is to use things in a whole other way then it was intended. Such as the old wooden ironing board in the kitchen under a window, beside the fridge. I use this for many functions. To feed the cat so the dog won't eat her food. Space for a house plant, space for my random collection of mis matched cloth napkins, space to set your glass after filling it with ice while getting your beverage from the fridge, and a few old irons for giggles! Oh and a place for the cats to land coming in and out the window! I also use this window as a walk up window to deliver cold Popsicles to dripping swimsuit clad children. But the ironing board is a fun utility piece that ever so gently reminds me of days gone by and traditional woman's work!

Shop stuff!

A few projects I've been working on this week hopefully to go to the shop soon! Too much to get done. Shop stuff, farm camp things, hoping to make fairy gardens at farm camp. And the big stinker the pool! Ugh putting 2 days together to work on it just hasn't happened. It needs 2 of us to do it.
Ticks are finally slowing down a bit. It's a cloudy cooler day here today. My garden could really use the rain from above. I've been holding out watering hoping for the rain. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fun projects!

The problem with having a little shop is you tend to purchase items you like! Or in this case make things you like. I purchased this small round vintage ceramic container at an auction. I knew it was perfect for a tiny succulent garden. I was so right. What I didn't expect was that it would look so good on my desk in the library! Well at least I get to enjoy it for a little while before it goes off to the shop!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Flash flood!

Yesterday on my way home from work the closer I got to home, the more distressing the sky's became. By the time I took the video it was in full flood mode. In less then 20 min we got over 1.50 inches of rain. I had to remove my shoes and socks to open the gates and get into the house! After making the pup go outside to potty, I ran down into the cellar to check the geothermal . Eeek water was indeed seeping in. Quickly I rounded up the pump, and broom. Luckily I only had to use the broom to push the water into the drain. This has only happened a few times since I have lived here. Since 1997! Below is the video! Or maybe just a picture, then some of today, the quiet sun on the porch this morning! That beautiful bench was made from fence. Given to me as a Christmas gift from my best friend! I love it so much. It's so original. However I find it must be regional because I saw one just like it a few towns over in the country on a porch much to my surprise!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Well spring is here! I know this for sure because my old friends have shown up to greet me! Several years ago the farm next to mine went up for sale. It's very old place like mine. The farm houses mirror each other. Over the years many changes have been made to both houses. However the three up three down seems to have been the original norm. When I found out the farm was to sell I did the unthinkable it had beautiful gardens with very old fashioned plants. A fern garden, wild flowers like may apple, and the first jack in the pulpit I had-ever seen. Lots of lilacs of every kind. Too many trees to count. An old orchard, strawberry and asparagus beds and probably many others I've forgotten. I loved to go there. The woman of the farm was sure a gardener!

But one day shortly before it sold I went over and dug up the jack in the pulpit.
I was not sure at all if it would flourish . I put him very close to my front porch. Where I could keep an eye on him. An yes he comes out every year since to thank me for saving him! Because all that I mentioned above are gone. A new pole barn now sits where the orchard was. The fern garden cleared for loads of heavy fake mulch with a few plants from the nursery. The strawberry and asparagus beds plowed under for a few more feet of soybeans! A young couple who farm live there now. I felt bad at the time I stole that little jack in the pulpit. I thought if someone moved in that loved the plants I would tell them. Now looking back I wish I had taken more. Ohh those ferns were so pretty!

But I do have some old fashioned plants here, bleeding hearts, columbine, Lilly of the valley, and yes jack in the pulpit!