Thursday, November 6, 2014

A tiny surprise

Last winter we saved some architectural salvage from our historic farmhouse before it was torn down. 
We dismantled some fireplace mantles. Dragged them through the house. Loaded them onto the back of our pick up. Hauled them about a half hour away to our barn. Unloaded them. Put them into barn. Then over the summer we moved them around again in the barn to store them out of our way. A couple weeks ago I was in the barn yet again and moved one of the mantles. ( leaning) it away from the others. I was by myself and there is no way I can move one of them alone. When my eyes fell on something.
You can see it in the first two pictures. Lying on a tiny ledge on the back side of the mantle covered in years of dirt. How many years? I have no idea. But of course in my mind I have it belonging to one of my great, greats! Coming in from work, emptying his pants pockets on to the mantle. And somehow slipped behind it. Gone forever? Till I found it. A treasure for sure in my eyes. A friend suggested letting it soak in a little oil do I could open it. A tiny pocket knife lost so many years ago. To be found in the future . What a story I have no idea how it stayed on that tiny wood ledge with all of the moving. And then for me to spy it, by happenstance ? I don't think so....

Monday, October 20, 2014

Good bye summer can't wait to see you again

Gathering the last of the summers harvest. We had a break in the clouds and rain over the weekend. It was a beautiful weekend. After I gathered the last of summer I spread it around the house.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Old abandon houses

And a few random ones thrown in. My friend invited me over for this warm special drink. Good friends two or four legged are awesome!
When we bought our home almost over 20 years ago, it had set empty for a number of years. And before that it housed a couple that lived and farmed here for decades. They grew old here and yes eventually passed over here. The house had seen it's better days. For more than 20 years not much was done. 

I feel that was a blessing sometimes. No one came to "remodel" her. Tear out old windows, cover up old plaster walls, update the bathroom ( that was installed in the 50's) yes we still have the outhouse! 

So on days like today when it's chilly out and dark with rain clouds. As I sit reading in the living room it's very quiet and a bit dim. You can easily imagine what it was like for many years here as she sat empty .
I've removed too many layers of wall paper, painted walls and 12 ft cealings. Replaced very few windows. Installed a modern kitchen, new floor under the claw foot tub. Ect. But there is a beauty of detail and charm that is still here. Money can't buy it. It's the feeling I get when I am here alone. This old house and I we like each other a lot! 

So as they say love is in the details. The Skelton key locks, old wavy glass, transome windows, a mud porch off the kitchen with beautiful farm house doors to let the light in. Old creaky real wood floors. A floor to cealing cupboard in the kitchen that opens on the kitchen side and the dinning room. A fireplace mantel and surround with an old iron cover. Still with the original tiles, and beveled mirror. 

For many years when my daughter was younger we hosted many many fall parties here out in the barn. So many Christmas parties.... Over 10 years of farm camps. So many people passing through. I always felt the farm was at it's best when it is full of people and animals . So many praise this place of huge trees, picket fences, and welcoming doors, and spirit. And yet today I'm at a different place in my life, a quieter place. And this dark and rainy day I feel the spirit of the house shining so brightly . I hope you enjoy the pics of old house charm.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let's catch up!

Ok so here it is we are on the verge of October! So I have a new job. Our little preschool closed after 52 years. I miss it daily. But I am slowly adjusting  to my new position in the children's dept of our library. It's still just part time just the way I like it. 

Fall is arriving here on the farm. We finnally got the chicken coop done. And not a moment too soon. Nestle the money eating horse is doing very well. Her shoes continue to be more expensive then mine. 

We had the chance to do a historic home tour just outside of Indy, fun but I still love mine better. Always interesting to see where folks stick a bathroom where there was none. 

Our shop vintiques was open over the weekend and I did fairly well and sold quite a few pieces of furniture. Dropping the prices on a lot of stuff to get it out so we can do some work on the building and reopen with a different slant on things.

All in all things are going well in our little area of the map. I hope things are well with you too. 
Random pictures..,,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


So we got the little house rented just in time to head out to our tiny vacation cottage in Maine ! What a trip 2 days in the car one way! Ugh hate that part. But Maine never disappoints . The countryside is just amazing! The local people are jewels. 

We did a little more to our space this time . New flooring, some painting, and some furnishings and curtains ! It's starting to have a bit of personal feel to it now. Making it our own. The weather was warmer than expected but only in the afternoons. The morning and evenings, and any time spent by the water was fantastic. So here are some pics of the cottage and surrounding areas. The highlight for sure was getting to go out in a working lobster boat, followed by a lobster meal in our tiny place!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Living small

So for what seems like forever we have been working on the little rental. Cleaning, painting, mowing, plumbing ect. But we feel we are now finnished and it is for rent. I so hope we will find a good renter. It is a very small home, with a large yard. It's only a little over 500 sq feet. That's small! But it has prepared us for our trip to Maine. And to our tiny one bed room one bath one living room /kitchen. It is only 380 sq feet. And yet it sure takes up a lot of space in my thoughts. While currently the farm house I have lived in for the past 18 years has many rooms I never use any more! It sure makes you think about what it is we need and what it is we want.. Don't get me wrong I love the old farm house. And the secluded land it sits on. But there is so much to be said for living small. Only having the essentials and those things in which you truly love that fit into those confines. For about a year now every Monday in my e mail comes a tiny house listing. So many of them are so perfect. It's so good to see people living for themselves not to be living to pay a mortgage . It's good to see young people starting out without debt. 

Seems now that summer is winding down hear Mother Nature is letting us know she didn't forget about summer! The heat and humidity is back in full force. Thankfully we have had some good rains to go with it!