Friday, November 16, 2012

Sick puppy!

I have a sick little doggy! The last couple of days he's not been feelin to well! His name is lucky he is my constant companion and cheer leader. Funny I know cheer leader but his personality is almost always happy and so full of energy. Par for the course cause he is a Jack Russel. He is also a pound puppy. I got him about 6 years ago right after my divorce. He was too skinny had too many fleas and was a constant barker at anything. We took care of all of the above and he truly is one of the best dogs ever. Just try and keep him away from a little child, or an elderly person or for that matter anyone. If the horses or llamas are out no problem he also thinks he's a huge sheep dogs and herds everyone back inside the fence. He knows too many tricks to mention, and he is my lap doggy and ( don't tell) also my sleeping buddy. He's the reason I own a king size bed.

But he's been off his food a couple of days and I've noticed a little gassy, this is a good indication of tummy troubles . If he s not better by Monday we will head off to the vet he did  this sme thing earlier in the summer. It's so hard to know when a pet is not feeling well. He sure likes to have his share of outdoor snacks of the barnyard variety,I am sure this isn't good for anyone's tummy but it seems as though all doggies like these little snacks.

Still just makes me feel aweful when we have an animal not feelin well. We take this for granted the happy little selves. I could fill a whole book on the funny things he has done.

We never hear compliants from our furry friends, no I've got a headache, my muscles are sore, I over did it today, I'm too cold too hot, Iam bored! No they are just always there making our lives a little easier, a little less stressful. Unconditional bundles of love.

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