Sunday, November 11, 2012

A moment to breathe!

Well here it is Sunday ! And do I ever need a moment to reflect its today! So much goung on right now! The Christmas village is over not sure I would do it again but it was so much fun talking about the shop and meeting new people. I am so tired! Thankful I have one more day till I go back to work. This week at school is a busy one. We have our annual ( for 50 years) stone soup dinner and play. The children are so excited some know what a play is some do not and are ready to learn. Its so much fun. But I've been known to say its like corralling squirrels! And well it is!

My house is a wreck again. How does that happen , oh yeah for the last two weeks we've been using it as a workshop! So today I will be doing loads of laundry and putting things away. And just in case you ever wonder yes your claw foot bath tub will recover from scrubbing old barn wood in it nothing a little bar keepers friend won't fix!

How is it all of the sudden I can't find a pair of jeans I own to fit me? I've only gained about ten pounds and Iam right where I want to be. But none of my jeans fit! Eeeeeeek that means I have to go shopping and when am I going to do that? I wonder? And what will I wear? Yoga pants!

My ADD seems to be kicking in real good this morning maybe time for another cup of coffee! Well my original post was supposed to be about Household Institute china Priscilla pattern to be exact . Lots of years ago from some sale somewhere I purchased two bowls of this pattern. I fell in love. I have a nice old mixing bowl collection. Well one did get broke.... But I still have one. I love the shape and size of it and how it feels when I mix brownies in it. And of course when I use it I always wonder of its original owner and how she came to have it? And who will have it after me?
But last week while browsing a thrift shop I found a small dinner plate and 3 tea cups of the same pattern. They didn't make it to the shop. This is the hazards of starting a shop. So now in the mornings when I have my coffee I've been using the little cups! It's the little things that bring me joy!

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