Friday, November 16, 2012

Out the window photo challenge.

There is a photo challenge out there you know, snap a pic everyday with the subject on the list. Ok I am starting half way through the month but who cares looks like fun! This is a picture out my large front room picture window.  And the front room door window. Does anyone even say front room anymore? Or is that a word only used for turn of the century farm houses? It's just that the room in the front of the house. It's also our living room, den, sometimes dining room, tv room, cozy in front of the fire room!

But out that big window I see my front gates, part of the drive way, one of my favorite old trees, the original picket fence, part of it has been rebuilt part not! I really wanted to get it painted this year but there is always next year! And I can see the stump of another old long gone tree. I can see my nearest neighbors drive way, and a large farm field and woods. It's there that I often see deer. And the bridge over Hannah's creek one will need to cross to get to my drive way. The one that had a huge whole in it when I moved in. We could not get oil delivered, the fire trucks said they would not cross it...... To make a long story short the first county guy came out and told me it wasn't on count property we would need to replace it ourselves. Eeeeek. Then my 100 year ol neighbor came down and set me straight told me just how I needed to deal with the county. Never was there a need for the school bus to come over that bridge till then. And the start of school would be coming not to mention the other factors......well then the next county person came was a woman I could have kissed her when she told me yeah it's the counties we will get ya on the schedule for sooner n later.

We do have a lovely new cement bridge big enough for a school bus to cross, even though those days have come and gone. It was a school bus turn around in my drive way. They pulled up right to our front door! And if there was snow, guess what the county came out first with the snowplow! I am a lucky woman sometimes depending on the driver, ( I used to take hot coffee and treats to them). They still do! Back to the topic that big picture window with the doggie nose prints could use a washing!

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