Friday, November 30, 2012

Leaving November .....welcoming December

Well here it is almost the last month of 2012! Wow what a year a lot of changes in my personal life.
And some funny crazy things with my health. However considering it all, I feel pretty good.

Lots of new things to look forward to in 2013! The shop, the farmstay, a trip with my BFF  to Belize for our in a few years to be 50-60 birthdays! No reason to not start celebrating early! The above photos are of my farmhouse dinning room. And of some 40 paper white bulbs I have planted for sale in the shop for our first sat of the month opening.

Speaking of shop my partner and I have decided it would be best to be closed in January, February ,and March to open again and officially in a big way in April! This means I will be able to have time to gather more fun items to share with you....And look forward to the next three month s and not dread the darker months ahead! I should say COLD DARK months ahead. Time to gather women together and their wonderful wares to sell in the shop.

In other news.....the dish network is out.... Someone will need to be here when the repair guy comes ugh....tomorrow when the shop is to be open! I'll be working on how that will go. I did get all 2000+ photos off my iPhone and into my computer well I didn't but my partner did and that's a good thing for my phone!

I have a little book at preschool about a little bear who gets ready for Christmas one day at a time doing all the things that lead us up to the big day. Well I think I am going to take his cue and try that approach myself this year and try to do one thing a day , decorating, baking, cards ect...we will see how that goes. I hope you have a wonderful week end! I have big plans for the evening! More about that later!

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