Wednesday, June 14, 2017

To make along story short....

Everything's a mess! Last Friday will had a professional come and clean out the fireplace which we had never used because it vented the old furnace. But lots of debree had fallen in and it was a sooty mess. Well the guy came and left. And will was not paying much attention to the situation. End of along week for him. I got home and he told me he had someone come and clean it. At first I was happy. Then I saw the MESS. everything in the living rom covered with a fine layer of black soot dust. Black hand prints all over everything I immediately started to clean it this is not a job for Friday evening. After many conversations with the own and employee it was apparent thus was not going to resolve. So tractors broke, pool pump broke, house is a disaster and we have guest in the cottage. Who are here with their son who is having cancer surgery today.
My problems are nothing.
Hope you all have a great day and that your problems are like mine.....0

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