Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cleaning up, cleaning out....
So the last two days here in ce
ntral Indiana have really been very beautiful. I thought I really should do a task or two that I've been putting off. Before the heat returns. And I got two goals done. One there is a milk house that sits right on our front drive right in front of the barn. It was full of crap.... that's putting it nicely ..... got it all emptied and hauled off to the county dump! Yay me. Two I have a 1964 travel trailer.... yes one of those that you see all "glamped" up! It's a looker on the inside sweet as can be. But the outside well it's "original ". However over the last several years we have used it as a pool house dressing room, playhouse for the kids. And they adore it. Also storage for old pillows, blankets, books, camping gear.... and by the looks of it anything else we could cram in there! Well I got it all cleaned out too! Again yay me.

You see the last few years has been one of shop, shop, shop.... and I don't mean shopping! We've been so busy getting the shop aka business ready that lots of other things have gone undone or neglected. And when you own a vintage business you have to have somewhere to store the vintage. That would be the garage and barn. Slowly getting to those areas. And then there is the grass,weeds, fields that the never ending rain has provided us with such lush greenness!

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