Tuesday, June 6, 2017


June is here! 
Typical weather hot cold hot cold. 
In January I lost one of my best friends. There was a celebration of life held over last weekend at his lake house and favorite place on earth. He was a vet so there were ceremonies paying tribute for his service as well as family and tons of friends. This was held directly on the beach and what a perfect day for him it was.
This was about a 6 hour drive. My daughter went with me as well as our doggies. We camped the first night then on the way home stayed in a pet friendly red roof inn. It truly was a lovely trip with my girl. Seems these days I don't see enough of her. As anyone with a child over 21 can tell you. We stopped in Ann Arbor on the way home and walked the downtown area. So lovely with one vintage shop that we truly loved. The whole town was pet friendly and we enjoyed the walk so much.

The dogs could not have traveled any better they were so great!
So what's happening around here? Trying to get the pool opened... and trying to unearth the farm from weeds! A never ending battle.
Maybe I should just learn to accept the weeds as friends!

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