Monday, June 19, 2017

Farm house living room

So I love to read blogs.... ok that's an understatement! It's a Monday morning thing for me. So much thought and inspiration comes with it.
It's like checking in with  I old friends for me.
After a week of broken things last week, comes this week full of fixed! And a beautiful sunny day comes with it. So after cleaning literally everything in the living room..( fireplace cleaning done by a professional that was not professional and left a sooty mess everywhere) ... I still don't have curtains back up yet.... and I may not put them up till fall. I love the feeling of openness it allows. And with no neighbors why not? We have really had a tremendous amount of rain in this part of Indiana lately and it makes it super hard to stay on top of the mowing, weeding and really anything else outside. This with very high humidity and temps. But not today. It's just beautiful. Still I am not able to use blogger the way I once did. I am so not technically able. So thank you for reading and muddling through post with me. I hope you are able to enjoy your day wherever you are!
This is standing in the door way into the living room from the library.

You can see one of the front doors that opens in onto the front porch. The other opens to the library where there is the front door we use to enter the house.... if not coming in through the mud porch.


  1. it looks beautiful!! love the idea of no curtains. and what a pretty porch!! my cousin lives in Indiana, I think it is a lovely state. Keep cool and take care, from Iowa.


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