Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Just too much!

Every closet, every drawer, every under the bed, every shelf! Full! Every basement, garage, barn, out building full! I'm just so sick of myself! I've lived here over 20 years now. And those special Christmas dishes I just bought, that's right no place to put them. So this is the year! Do I say that every year? Time to strike while the feeling is fresh! 

I've read countless blogs, magazines ( remember those) books, articles, whole tv shows! Devoted to clearing clutter! I am very good at this. Now I need to clear the clutter from where you can't see it too. It's true it's very very very overwhelming. That could be my word for 2016! Overwhelmingly overwhelmed with too much stuff! Can't really have a barn sale in January in Indiana. ( partly because the barn is full too). But it is going .... To friends, daughters, goodwill, Salvation Army, ex husband, neighbors, people on the street! But it is going. The shop is closed Jan feb March. There will be major renovation going on there. Like tearing out the floor. So I can't even take stuff there to sell. So it's going! I am going to start today I have filled my car and it's going to be dropped off today!even my trunk is full of magazines I was supposed to take to Salvation Army 2 years ago! Get going Sharon! If any of you have ideas please share! 

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  1. I'm thinking part of the problem is you're too antique savvy! You know what is valuable, what can be re-purposed, re-painted, etc. Not to mention, for a recycler, or artist, everything can be made into something completely new or be used in a way no one would expect! Lol, your not the only one with this disease. I began by selling most of my antiques on E-bay years back. I kept one long sewing basket that had been made into a coffee table and sold the rest. I donated to the Salvation Army bc they pick up at my house. I donated cars to the Kidney Foundation, who also came out and drove them off. (Keep itemized lists for tax purposes). I wrote a few blogs on the topic of cluttered brain may equal cluttered house as I did some of these projects, they may help. I'll attach some of the links to your FB pg. I will admit, it feels good to get rid of things... seems to make room for new happy feelings that go into a less cluttered mind. Like I said, I'm still a work in progress too. We did go from three fully furnished homes, when I met Patrick to one... now that is progress, lol!;;;;;


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