Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Air bnb

Well this is so exciting for me! In September when we go to Maine we will be flying to DC then driving the next day to our place in Maine . So when we get to DC we will rent a car then drive for 5 hours and stay here! On this sail boat! We are both so excited to try air bnb. It will be the longest vacation so far. Hoping to take our time on the return trip to see some of the coast we have not. And New York and DC! I think I already love air bnb and may never stay in a hotel again! Enjoy your weekend . We are working on the building this week end and hope to squeeze in a garden tour. It's poring buckets here today!

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  1. Wow, nice. What a great idea. I am familiar with air B&B but have never used them, yet. My daughter and her husband, while living in Europe and traveling to various countries, used them all the time, and swear by air B&B. Have a great vacation.


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