Thursday, July 9, 2015

The chicken shed

Well there is an eye sore on the farm. One I don't mention often. Ok at all. But it's here. One long ago we used it for chickens ..... But eventually gave up it was impossible to proof it ofpredators.
And with a whole house renovation, barn roof, garage roof, geo thermal heating, verious other sheds and out buildings to tend with. Our Maine cottage, the shop, the rental , the guest area , work, kids, grandkids you get the picture. It's at the very bottom of the list. It was even to painful to go around to the field side to look at it. From our farm side it's not too bad. As farm out buildings go. So today I went to really see and investigate, the condition. And the good news is it's in much healthier condition then I thought. It's actually very sturdy. Really needs a new roof for sure but the structure is surprisingly sound. So the wheels start turning......

So I have a new board on my Pinterest page !

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