Monday, April 28, 2014

Rainy day thoughts

Well the weekend has come and gone! I didn't take one picture of the shop opening. It was truly a beautiful weekend. The sun came out to show us all there is a God after this winter and she still loves us! The weather brought out so many people from all over. I even had one retired couple from Washington state. They are on the way to the Kentucky derby. " It's on her bucket list " the older gentleman told me. Too sweet. I must put up the map of the us so people can pin where they are from. I had the 1964 travel trailer there for tours. All dolled up in her vintage chennel. I truly do enjoy visiting with everyone who comes in.  A darling lady Paula came in we have a mutual friend who told me about her hand made greeting cards. She brought some in for me to sell. They are like miniature works of art. 

So after the hustle an bustle of last weeks preschool art show, and the opening of the shop. I am welcoming a nice rainy day. The flowers outdoors are loving it. The grass is emerald green! There is a photo of a Christmas cactus. My mother gave it to me in November . It belonged to my grandma. My mom forgot and left it outside. It was in pretty bad shape . I didn't think it was going to make it. I purchased some special potting soil for cacti and repotted it in a pot I had here. Then waited for a long time and little by little she is coming round. So pretty now with new growth. 

A success story. 
In other news .... There was a horse in the yard this morning... Someone left a gate open while mowing yesterday. 
There is a tiny screened window in my original storm doors. I wonder what they were for? To let a bit of fresh air in when you don't really want to open a large window or open the door full well before you put in the screens for the summer? I hope you all get to enjoy a rainy day now and then. They are so nice AFTER a sunny week end. Not the other way around. Blessings to you all. The pets on a pillow is of Ellie our pound puppy and her big ol tom cat Rufus. He is too sweet for his own good she likes to drag him around by his neck! And he let's her! I many times have scolded her for this. The other cat um NO way she is a real cat and would let Ellie know in a heart beat what is not acceptable! Enjoy your week all!

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