Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's done it's done well it's almost done, mud room

I moved into this old farm house more than 17 years ago. My daughter had her 5 th birthday the year we moved in. One of many birthdays to be celebrated here. I was still married to my first husband. We collected more animals than you can think of. Horses, llamas, calf, pigs, rabbits, goats, dogs and cats. And the occasional orphaned raccoons. Oh yes let us not forget the plethora of chickens.

The house has been mostly updated in a kind way. Not remodeled . I still only have one bathroom which is where they put it rright of the dining room in the 50's. We put in a new deep well. But still have the original well hand  pump on the porch that still works fine. Which brings me to the mud porch. It had old original poured cement floors, 5 windows and 4 doors. One to the outside, two into the main house. Kitchen and dinning room which we use as the Main entrance. And one into the summer kitchen/coal storage room. Soon to be hannahs creek farm stay ! 

Back to the mud porch. Now has a vinyl floor! Oh so easy to clean said mud from.  A new washer and dryer! HE to save our precious well water. A new utility sink. Storage to hold everything! An area to house horse feed/bird feed ( metal trash cans w lids to keep mice out)! A place for boots/shoes, coats. A place for recycle items. And a new work bech for will and all of his tools ect. 

Our duct work for the geothermal runs through this room into the farm stay, as well as electrical, and plumbing.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! 

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  1. Totally enjoyed this peek into your mud room. I bet your old farm house is awesome.


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