Friday, April 4, 2014

Getting lost having girl friend fun

It just pored buckets of water! The thunder was so loud it made me jump! The traffic was a mess, backed up for miles due to an accident ! We were about 40 minutes away from where we should have already been. We were ready for our "ladies sit down with tea lunch" we were pulled over at a gas station using the-facilities. We ate a gas station hot dog and bag of snicky snacks. We found our way. Sometime later to our destination . We ooohed and awwwed . We found our ladies lunch with tea. We laughed we shoped we got lost too many times to count. We found our way home from the big city. Our basements were flooded. But we had fun!


  1. Gathering with friends can make a lousy weather day seem inconsequential. Awesome. But, I hope your basement didn't get too much water. And oh, the food looked delicious.


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