Thursday, January 2, 2014

Teacher tree

I posted some pictures of my teacher tree, for many years now I have had two Christmas trees, a live one in the living room, and a artificial one in the dinning room. This year we were far enough along in the guest area/farm stay that I thought I would put the teacher tree in there. Good choice it fit in perfectly with the little bit of furniture I had in there. But ahhh the teacher tree! Every year I put it up I remember so many of my past students who had gifted to me the wonderful gift of a tree orniment. Handmade or store bought no matter. I've collected many over the years and some years back decided to give them there own special tree. Starting out with a small  table top tree and for many years now a full size. How much fun for me every year to have these lovley items to remember each student an wonder where they are now. I say a prayer for each child. So Christmas is over and time to take down the trees.  Ok I am currently snowed in so maybe I'll leave them up one more day!

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