Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snow hike

Well so much has been happening here lately. NOT! We are just right smack in the middle of January. School is going wonderful the kids are awesome. Home is good. I got to go to the big city if Dayton yesterday. We went to trader Jo's and target! Got a little bite of pizza. Went down town to a huge warehouse liquidation store. Then we noticed on a tv they had on the radar that snow was close and we were still an hour away from the farm. So we headed for a snowy drive home. Stopped by Kroger on the way then home. Where the snow fell for most of the night. Today the sun is out which makes life happier. After will plowed the drive with our great 8N tractor we took a little hike to the back field. With the dogs! Gosh they were happy to be out! And so were we. We are now just waiting for the broncos game. Being Payton manning fans we just want him to win a Super Bowl. We both hate what the colts did to him. So I leave you with some Indiana winter snow pictures and maybe a video if I can manage it.

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