Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar vortex

Brrrrrrrrr! Well the polar vortex of 2014 has been here for a few days and I do believe it has worn out its welcome! With several days of -22 + or - I  am ready for it to leave. Living in a 100+ yr old house has lots of charm and farm living is most of the time idealic. However not with these temps. You must waste and ungodly amount of water from your well because you must let all of your faucets run or you will be dealing with frozen pipes under your home. You would have to tear up all those lovely old growth wood floors to replace the busted pipes! And old beautiful windows with that historical wavy glass is all frosted over so much you can't even see outside! 
Now let's talk about rural living down an old dead end drive a half mile back to your lovley secluded charming country home. You will be stuck inside for many days. The county will put out warnings telling you only to travel if it's an emergency! And yes all that wonderful Christmas candy will be staring you down! But by far the most wonderful thing about these temperatures is knowing you have two big ol horses that depend on you! And that means hay and fresh drinking water. Drinking water from a tank that has tank heaters that don't so much like the polar vortex! So let me be the first to nominate the pick axe, as this centuries most valuable tool! And let's not mention animals who love to go out and run can't ! Not for long anyway. Animals get cabin fever too ! And so does your partner who cannot get to work because of frozen car doors, batteries ect.... But the sun is shining today and it + 4 at the moment so hey please disregard any negativity here. I so love this old farm and can't imagine myself any where else!

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