Thursday, July 25, 2013


Well I've done it! I have seemed to find a way to step a little closer to that eccentric  old woman living in the country! This year while planning my garden I was a little sidetracked. You see when they put in the new geothermal, the dug up oh about 500 feet starting to the left of my back door all the way out to the fence then into the pasture beyond the fence. Going through my garden spot of years past! No worries I thought I'd just till it up and go on. Well the top soil was no where to be found just hard clay! So I just planted a few beans, tomatoes scattered some lettuce seeds, zinnias ect just to see what would happen. Then I got busy and forgot about it. With all the rain this year it always seemed to be a mud mess when I went to weed. I wasn't that motivated. Well now here it is time for harvest to begin. I took a peak here and there cut some very pretty zinnias, found a mess of beans for dinner tonight for 2 with little red potatoes smoked sausage  little onion into the crock pot! Will be great with the little cherry tomatoes from the garden as well! So below are pics of the little garden, and today's catch!  Yep weeds almost as high as the old outhouse in the back ground! It's my favorite garden so far! No I won't be putting up anything from this garden this year but I've been loving going to the farmers market anyway. Can't say ill miss all those days weeding ect.. And it's a treasure hunt each time I go and look in the garden. Seems as though the critters haven't found the goodies! Puts new meaning to no hassle gardening my friends ! Oh yes and the milk weed this year is Devine .

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