Saturday, July 20, 2013

Farmers market

Recently, our little town liberty Indiana has started a Friday evening farmers market. It is so lovely. Last evening I went in to get a few things for dinner to go with our left over hamburger we were going to have as burgers on the grill. I came home with a sack of ripe tomatoes, a dozen ( 13) sweet corn, a homemade peach pie, and a little $2.00 bunch of garden flowers. Our dinner was so enhanced by all the delicious produce. And yes my weakness for fresh flowers. I have a $5.00 bunch of gladiolas on the dinning room table, very grand indeed. It's my bad habit! I've been known to make a stunning arrangement of roadside lilies, and Queen Anne s lace. My favorite. And right now seems like all the wild flowers are in bloom. They take turns in my back field as well. Sometimes joe pie weed, milk weed, or this time blue coneflower otherwise known as chicory. We are getting ready for an afternoon thunderstorm. We could really use one to give Mother Nature a brake of the almost daily upper 90s heat wave. I got to see Michael Franti last Thursday evening. What a treat if your not familiar with his music I urge you too look him up. It was a wonderful evening. Young old, black, white, jumping, clapping, singing together. Perfect  just what I needed to restore my faith in people coming together for fun. And I got to have my picture taken with him as well! I love a guy who can rock the dreads and bare feet look! The tickets were for my birthday back in may what a great gift. Something I needed and could use up in one evening!


  1. How exciting; I love Frantis music - and his ability to draw so many people together!
    And, there's nothing better than summer zinnias!

  2. Love the zinnias! All I have in my neighborhood is cattails :)


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